Monday, December 29, 2008


Before I lose all my readers, I'm telling you this...

I'm still thinking of the year end post~!

I wanna list down every single thing I did.. so it's taking quite sometime to recall as I don't keep a diary..

Please, please bear with me...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve~!

I just noticed on my countdown that.. it's only 1 more day to CHRISTMAS~!!!!!!!!!

which means, today is CHRISTMAS EVE~!!!!!!!!!!

which means, today is CHRISTMAS MANNA~!!!!!!!!!!

which means, I'll be seeing you tonight at 7.30 pm, FCC~!!

PS: You means anyone.. as everyone is invited~!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Alright, I shall be updating you about the most recent happenings around town this December..

Every dating person should be aware that in December, there will be a need to buy a present for his/her spouse, as Christmas is a celebration not to be missed!!!

Thus, this Christmas Eve, Faith Christian Center (aka FCC) is hosting a special event!!!

Starts at 7.30 pm, at FCC!! If you don't know the location, give me a ring or an sms and I'll get back to you as shortly as I can, and direct you to the location!!

DO NOT... I repeat... DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

What's a better way to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones than by going to a friendly church, sit back and enjoy with them all the programs installed for that night!!

Another annoucement is that, a mall has been opened just outside where I stay, and it's good...

Visit for more information... (they've got all the good shops + lots of events and services.. even shuttle bus services... )

PS: Remember our date on 24th~!

PSS: If you happen to go tropicana mall.. sms me la.. perhaps i sien at home...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Check this out!!!

Ok, 80th post.. shall be dedicated to....

Oh yeah.. the pic's quite blurry cause I took it with my dad's laptop's webcam at work.. but if you are clever enough to spot the word HSBC on the top left, and clever enough to notice the uniqueness of that piece of paper, you'll know that it's a.....


Oh yeah...

PS: First pay check bah.. of course SS and happy a bit la.. hehe.. anyway, save your breath if you want me to spend you a meal.. haha.. I'm using it to spend God and my family.. haha..

Monday, December 15, 2008


10...... more..... days... to......... CHRISTMAS~!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Alright, one day, I walked around, and felt that the lounge needed music, thus I bought a radio.

The end.

PS: I actually woke up and visited a close brother of mine's blog... and then was amazed at the music he had in his blog.. thus I actually 38-ed for the method he did it. Once I obtained the method, I even changed the codes for the application to make it fit nicely into the blog.. and there's no annoying buttons at the bottom. I feel proud of myself now.. though it's a small accomplishment, I feel accomplished.. ( I am half programmer.. what to do...)

The player will only play if you pressed for it to play, to avoid people like this from feeling sien of visiting my blog (received complaints from him once I told him the updates... ) ... That should be the updates..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

77th Post

I desperately need inspiration to blog..

It's been long since I actually updated this blog as I am really running out of ideas..

There have been instances that when I drive, I though of something that I can blog about... but in the end, once I reach home, I forgot everything..

Before I forget.. I thought of this:

Once upon a time, there were two families living in a small town. Each family have a son and a daughter, with the son being the elder one. Imagine this. If, the son from family A married the daughter from family B, and the son from family B married the daughter from family A... who would be known as the older brother in law? ( I'm not mentioning the age, I'm purely mentioning the rank, as the older brother in law is ranked higher than the younger one...)

PS: If anyone can give me a good answer, I might supply an equivalent reward.. lol..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Streamyx Problem

It's not that I'm too busy or I'm too lazy to update my blogs.. it's just that the internet at home has been experiencing some sort of disturbance.. sometimes I get to connect to the internet, sometimes the modem sucks..

To make things worse, my workplace provides no internet access.. So.. can't even surf and check mails at work!!

Neway, the main reason I'm blogging is to announce that, I have finally decided. I'm no longer gonna wait. The past has gone and the new has come. I'm not gonna sacrifice my "kebahagiaan" for some other people. I'm gonna grab what I want no matter what!! I can't deny the desire that I have within me. I can't always see others happy while I myself am sad.. No.. I'm gonna change.. I'm gonna....

I'm gonna...

I'm gonna go back to Tawau for CNY~!!!

PS: Back from 25th night till 30th night.. I want wotieks~!

For those who misinterpreted my post.. Oops I did it again~!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mixed Emotions~!

Well, first of.. I am feeling a few emotions now.. Seriously..

First emotion, is Happy.. happy that I got a result just good enough for my scholarship..
Happy that the Lord has been blessing me so much, I myself can't list all the blessings..
Happy that I have in the end, still on the run for my study goals.. (1st class babe..)

Second emotion, sad.. sad for being so far from God these few weeks.. man.. working really takes all energy away..

sad for not being able to be happy.. if you can digest this..

Thirdly, I'm confused.. why? well, I really don't know whether jealousy means I have fallen for someone.. as I normally won't get jealous at all, and jealousy is not a good thing... but I must admit.. at times, I am very jealous...

Well, mixed emotions...

PS: One of the emotions is added so that it will spice up this posts...

PSS: Perhaps I am telling a lie when i say one of the emotions is added to spice it up.. perhaps I'm feeling all of it..

PSSS: Perhaps I'm just trying to confuse u with my PSS post? I do add one to confuse you..

PSSSS: Imagine urself...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've been busy working and bringing friends out these few days that I haven't have the energy to blog.. seriously.. I've been reaching home, exhausted and fantasizing about my sleep... I must say, I never expected this in the first place..

Due to my constant tiresome life, I never expected that I couldn't handle worklife.. but that all changed.. now..

Am gonna blog less, as I have work to do as well, from time to time, I'll still try to update my blog.. with more lame posts..

There.. I forgot what I wanted to blog in the first place.. dang..

Till I remember, ciao...

PS: I'm not gonna post a picture of me in uniform due to fella's saying that I look like ultraman's sidekick...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Week

Alright, the first day of work was kind of a very negative posts... (due only to my homesickness)..

First week of job is gone, and I did enjoy my work there, and am loving the place week after week. Everything is great as I have found a different alternative route to the workplace which is cheaper and faster.

Well, just can say one thing. Everything is planned by God and is best for me... I do thank God now that I'm starting to see that everything is better than other companies.. The job is not too tough, yet is relevant in my field. I get to do stuff that I don't do in uni that is very useful for working life. I get to enjoy time at home as I have figured out a better route...

Imagine this, I found that route in the first place.. and never stayed at my friend's place.. I would have never experienced what my dad went through, and will not appreciate him more..

So I thank God for his plans and purposes..

Can't wait for week 2~!

PS: For the first time ever, I went to be a "hing tai" (brother) for a groom.. It's a rather chinese tradition where the groom side have to fulfill several wishes in order to get the bride into the car to go to church for wedding. Well, I enjoyed everything of it though we ate some nasty stuff.. But it was fun. I actually felt more lovey dovey as the wedding proceeded... Thanks for this chance..

Another foot note, CONGRATS CHAN HON CHUNG AND ANNIE SOO~!!! or should i call ANNIE CHAN~!!! ... Chung.. we finally are relatives.. muahhahaa

Monday, November 17, 2008

First Day of Work

I have spent 8 hours in BlueScope Steel...

Well, I was late 30 minutes, yet was not scolded but still being accepted. Well, I was introduced to everyone. Well, I got my uniform. Well, I didn't do much work today. Well, lots of people whom I asked for help has helped. Well, the "boss", Mr Bruno, is friendly. Well, I had friends that I already know working with me as interns. Well, we had our own personal room.. ( Cause, there's no more space for us, thus they stuffed us into a meeting room and made it the "internship" room...). Well, we had vouchers for lunch at the cafeteria (no need pay as much for lunch!!). Well, we had a very willing to help senior who explained almost everything to us.. Well, I had the chance to overnight at a friend's place, with dinner provided. Well, everything was good..

But.. I still feel sad.. Perhaps the homesickness is kicking in from time to time.. Being a high I person, I do feel emotional waves striking me from time to time. At times at the office, I feel so sad. Not cause there's too much thing to do, but just sad. If you ask me whether I'm ok to sit in the office for 8 to 10 hours straight, I'm all good, as my studies already have required me to do so at times. Still i feel homesicky... If you ask me whether moving out to stay alone in Sunway is a problem, I won't feel so. But staying at Klang, working at Kapar, this challenge is a bit too much for me..

Perhaps the Lord wants me to be out of my comfort zone, to train me for a higher cause. I don't know. I just somehow feel weak and sad. But I really have to thank God, cause, according to the first paragraph, the company I'm doing internship in is seriously very hard to find. It is so good that most people will die wanting it. Perhaps I should really live out of my comfort zone..

PS: Work sucks~! Study rocks~! I have finally been forced to agree to that term. Anyway, I really wanna thank my Father (Mr Lee) as he has been doing so for the past 10 months. Working in Melaka and only coming back on weekends, I really have finally understood the kind of sacrifice my dad did in order to find income to feed me.. Really tough and at times depressing..
Love ya dad..

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Well, I'm progressing to another stage of my life, working life.. sort of.. I'll start my internship tomorrow at a place that is far away with no internet connection.. (I'm staying at my friend's place who doesn't have internet). I'll occasionally go back on the weekdays and always on the weekends.. but that means I won't read and write as much. Internship ends February.

I do hope these 3 months will pass quickly and meaningfully.

All prayers are needed..

I've recently read an essay I composed for an English test in Alevels.. boy.. I can't believe I wrote that based on my current level of literacy.. I will post the essay sometime soon, for comments to come in.. till then, there's nothing much, not much lame posts...

PS: I'm not out of idea, it's just the nervousness that is making my mind blank.. oh yeah, NBA restarted a few weeks already..

Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Addition!!

As an added incentive to loyal viewers, this Leisure Lounge will expand its operation!!

I present to you, the newest program featured by this lounge, Victor's Tag It Or Not!

A new link has been added at the right hand column to ease the visitation of that program itself.

From this day onwards, all tags will be done at that site and everytime a tag is done, a footnote will be added here. Only for those curious and "darn" free people, do visit that site..

Another addition is that we are accepting membership to this lounge. Do look for this

and click "follow" if you want to be a member. No strings attached.. hehe

Again, I stress, I need committed moderators and members to start an English FCC Forum.. We can't just start with no people being moderators as well as no one posting.. and frankly speaking, I'm too tied up to do so.. So, please, anyone willing to offer their help, do leave a comment.

PS: Let's do our best for building fund!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

FCC English Forum

Alright.. polls are closed.. before I talk more about this.. I would like to take this chance to talk more on.... BF... nope.. not boy friend.. not best friend.. it's BUILDING FUND~!!!

*this blog posts onwards are more applicable for FCC members.. actually, the entire blog posts is..*

Building Fund..

Why am I talking about it here? Cause.. I feel that I have to.. not entirely because the church needs money... not entirely because I'm a church leader, thus I'm carrying out my responsibility... but because.. I've got my personal sharing to make here...

Faith Christian Center.. for me.. is not just merely a church.. but a center where christians who have FAITH gather together... and faith needs to be tested from time to time.. and building fund.. is one great way to test our faith. I don't know about you who's reading this.. I'm a typical student with a rather tight and fix allowance.. only time I have extra money, is when I get my scholarship.. normally I would give a fix amount to building fund from my scholarship..

Last semester, I lost my scholarship.. and I was really prompted not to contribute towards building fund anymore.. but on one sunday, the Lord challenged me of an amount.. that is a huge chunk of my allowance.. I was reluctant at first, thinking I should give a smaller amount.. but the Lord reminds me of this.. "All things come from God, and of God's do we give Him.." Many times, the Lord tests.. and only faithful servant will be rewarded from the tests and tribulations.. Rarely is there a case where the Lord blesses first, before a step of faith is taken. The reason is simple. Hebrews 11:1 says " Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see".

Thus, this time around, I gave by faith.. not knowing how I would survive the month, not knowing, how I could get that one thing I really wanted.. (my birthday was around the corner).. In my own sane mind, I thought of skipping meals, and not getting anything for my ownself for birthday... but the Lord is always gracious..

First of all, my brother suddenly gave me money from time to time, without me even asking! I would come home discovering an amount of money on my table.. blessings from my brother, and God. Another thing is, I got a present for my birthday.. which is worth the amount I gave for building fund. And it did not come as it is, it came with accessories~! (if totalled up, the present itself exceeded the amount I gave!!)

I don't know if this sharing would encourage anyone of you reading out there.. but do remember... every contribution towards the building fund, is not for our own enjoyment.. but for the evangelistic ministry.. who knows who would be saved in FCC in the future? Perhaps, that one person who came to know Christ in church 20 years down the road will come up to you and say thank you to you, not for your money, not for your contribution, but for your act of faith..

PS: A great response has been obtained regarding the English FCC Forum.. but there's no use wanting it when no one is volunteering to moderate and manage it.. thus I need volunteers to help start it up as well as manage it for a long run.. before I can propose it to pastor..

Monday, November 10, 2008

And I was tagged...

Alright, I don't usually do this.. but since I'm bored.. I'm doing it.. for those who want to know me more, keep reading, for those who don't give a XXXX... skip this posts.. lolz..


Instructions: Remove 1 question from below, and add in your personal question, make it a total of 20 questions, then tag 8 people in your list, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged.

1. What do you want most for the time being??
Holidays just started, perhaps relaxation, more time hanging out with family and friends..

2. What is your most favourite thing to do?
most favourite means one only.. er.. erm.. this is hard as it is a close competition between a few, but I would say spending time with loved ones.. yay.. good answer.. haha

3. What is your 1 regret in life?
Wasting lots of my teenage years not knowing the true meaning of friendship.. especially coming to know God slow.. :(

4. Who inspires you?
People who has done something honorable.. there are a lot.. can't finish listing.. namely people who do not bow down to injustice..

5. Tell me something I dont know about your family background.
My family background.. This should be a surprising fact.. My parents actually never planned to have me... If I do recall correctly.. cause they already had 2 sons.. then out of boredom they say, why not have another.. let the baby be a girl.. that'll be fun.... in the end.. I am around.. haha..

6. Do you believe you can survive without money?
Nope.. unless we reverse the time and go back to the barter system..

7. What are you afraid to lose the most?
My relationships.. namely God and family and friends..

8. What do you feel like doing, right now?
Watch movie with friends... so many nice movies just released...

9. If you can get out of your current life circumstance, would you?
Yes, for a vacation with "someone" if that's the case..

10. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
First, Jason is a responsible person. He'll carry out whatever duties he has accepted with quality.. that is him.. Jason da Mason.. Secondly, he is considered one of the "sensitive" and "loyal" guys.. if you get me.. haha Pang de Mang.. Thirdly.. He is a great supporter.. If you don't believe me.. tell him you are injured, can't walk.. he can carry you.. no matter what your weight is.. hehe.. Ding the Ku.. haha.. (all da 3 nicknames for him.. that I just tot of.. hehe)

11. What are the requirements that you wish from your other half?
Well, she must first and foremost love God. understands me and the reasons why I am doing what I'm doing.. I tend to not talk so much.. so.. she must also be someone whom I am comfortable talking with.. very important woh... hehe

12. If you were given a choice, would you want to know what love is all about?
Well, of course.. and I do believe I did... to a certain extent..

13. What is your ambition?
I thought of being a police.. doctor.. etc etc.. never an engineer~!! Voila.. I'm studying engineering.. if you ask me now.. I would say.. can continue to walk faithfully in God..

14. Is anyone really perfect?
Yes~!! God~!!

15. If you had a choice to be rich or happy, which one would you pick ?
Happy, I believe, if one is happy, he will be rich as well.. because.. he won't have to be sad or worried about cash.. (if he is happy, he wont have financial problem.. nah.. geng leh me.. tapau both selections in 1 selection.. hehe)

16. If you have a chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
My inability to wake up.. (i sleep walk and close alarm clocks... =.=...)

17. Who is the person (people) that you can share all your problems with?
Well, currently, Sir Gypsy Pang.. and Lydia Jie..and.. sometimes.. random people who are online.... of course.. people I'm close with la...

18. How do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Taking a trip to New Zealand.. with my family.. to celebrate Jason Pang's third offspring's "full moon"... hehe (if you don't get this.. go read his blog posts about this tag..)

19. What is the one thing you love about yourself?
My ability to accept information quickly.. that I believe is a gift given by God. As long as you clearly explain everything one time, I'm gonna get the point already.. no need for a second explanation...

20. What is your dream job?
Dream job ah.. Owner of McDonald's... not an outlet.. but the entire franchise..


PS: I shall come back with more posts.. haha

Oh.. and I tag...
1. Jason Pang Teck Seng.. (We'll see when this tagging will end.. hahahaha...)
2. Titus Tang..
3. Rick Sim...
4. Adele Ong.
5. Jovina Ng..
6. Z-boz..
7. TimL!m
8. who else always blog.. hm.. oh oh.. Michael Lim.. hehe

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I'm getting a girlfriend..

Jeez.. like I'm really gonna announce it..

Well, few weeks ago, I had no idea what I should do during the holidays.. thus I have been thoughtful enough to gather advices and views from all the readers.. and just to spice things up, added the "get a girlfriend" thingy..

Well, surprisingly, 14 said get a girlfriend... these 14 persons.. really don't know me well. I don't purposely get a girlfriend for the sake of friend's asking, or for the sake of keeping myself not so lonely... If you wanna know my concept, ask me in person.. Thus, I hereby announce that the option to get a girlfriend is void. Thus, the second option, improve guitar prevailed~!

And since I am longing to improve my guitar already, the option "memorize bible verses" will also be taken into consideration this holiday..

Sorry to disappoint the 14 fellas (I like number 14 cause Mitsui is number 14 in slamdunk.. hehe..) but I'm not getting a gf for the sake of pleasing anyone.. unless something really did happen during the holidays.. well... let's see what God has prepared this coming holidays.. haha

Another note, exams finished, back to smart car and industrial training.. =.=.. I miss my final fantasy games..

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I'm busy preparing for my thursday and friday papers.. sensors being one of it, and manufacturing the other. Both require numerous memorization.. and all along I thought sensor first, before manufacturing, thus I have resolved to study sensor only.. but thank God, a day before the paper, which is today.. my friend told me tomorrow's paper is manufacturing, then only sensors on friday...

so I am 20% prepared for sensor.. and now boosting for manufacturing.. haha..

thus, do prepare for my absence for 3 days before I blog again. haha.

my apologies.

and do pray for me..

*runs off to study like mad...*

PS: This is the 66th posts, and to add a note to it, there are 66 books in the bible..

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Faith Christian Center

When I just came to FCC, I was like... finally.. a church without any Saints in it... haha..

Well, being David Lee's brother, there are certain expectations on me.. cause prior to my coming.. my brother kind of let some fella know of the possibility of my existance.. but i bet I did disappointe most of them.. as I'm not as good looking as my brother... haiz..

Neway, back to the topic.. When I just reached, I had one thing in mind. I want to join the worship team. Being the brother of one of the guitarist in church, people had high hopes on me.. But, The Lord had other plans. I ended up in the Usher team.. and I did learn a lot of things.. knowing me.. I'm arrogant.. and I am taught to humble myself through the usher team.. I also joined one of the best cell groups, Howard's cell.. or better known as Ken Damansara Cell Group..
Being in a group of working adults, I never felt hard adapting.. moreover, I enjoyed every cell meeting I had..

Not long after I served as gamemaster for Koinonia camp... really an eye opening experience as it was great.. For the first time I had to be the security at night as well, with Nicky Ding.. oh... those were good times.. Next, was asked to be MC, as well as Game master for Family Camp, and then side actor for a drama... being ask to lead the security team..and finally being a FS leader itself..

I can see myself grow rapidly when I'm in FCC. Through alpha, i am pondered to think out of the box, and to get to know more on christianity and intellectual way of thinking about stuffs.. I do grow a lot here.. I really thank God that I ended up in FCC.. as I get to know a lot of crucial friends in life, get to know what is love, relationships... and I also have learnt not to be so rebellious towards God.. haha..

In a nutshell, FCC is the place where I was tested, yet God's grace is always there to pull me through.. and I did learn a lot here.. However, learning is always a never ending process.. thus I'm still in FCC...

PS: I also get to experience lots of new stuffs... and this shall end my church marathon posts...

Friday, October 31, 2008

St Patrick's

Moving on with my life.. I followed my dad to Tawau as he was transferred yet again. So, I had to bid farewell to all my fellow friends and start making friends yet again...

Upon reaching Tawau, I still went to church, but wasn't as eager... Coming from a rather conventional church that only sings hymns and an occasional comtemporary song.. worshipping in St Patrick's Church is really a challenge to me. First, I was not so accustomed to people singing out loud and raising their voices. What I was used to do is to sing with my heart, in my heart, from my heart. Second, the music was so loud and fast, unlike those of the hymns.. I actually grew disgusted with the church. I refused to go to church at the first few months, but was in the end attending it due to the fact that some of my Sandakan friends are there. 

After being a silent attender who had no idea why I was there at all for a year, I was invited to join a DISC course conducted in a cell group... That was when i started going back to church... but I attended cell group just as a silent member.. enjoying the fellowship at times... it was still led by nora pang at that time.. haha...

The same year, there was a camp at the end of the year.. my mother out of nowhere kept asking me to join it.. well, knowing my mom, she would rather have me study at home... but.. yeah... I was having thoughts about it for quite a long time, as I have never left home before... and have never joined a camp before...

I still remember I was still thinking until the dateline of submission of form.. that time Rev David Wong was in charge, and boy.. he seemed like a very strict and fierce pastor.. haha.. So I was kinda scared when I submitted it on the dateline itself.. but it was good.. Once he know I'm David's brother, we automatically become "kaki-nang" (teochew term)...

Thus, joining the first camp there, was an amazing experience... Became a group leader the first camp I joined.. and was even selected as Best Camper for that year.. (perhaps they ran out of candidate..) then the following year, was given the chance to serve yet again as intern for a cell group.. there I learnt a lot about the basics of christianity.. and why we are worshipping God.. my life was utterly changed from that camp and that year itself.. Involved in events after events, I am just glad that the Lord included me in His plans.. After helping out the dive, I even got the chance to be the gamemaster of the first english diocesan youth camp.. (restarted the camp..).. well, I really learnt a lot from that experience, and Nickson did taught me alot when I'm under him.. thank God for him.. really a faithful servant..

I also got to understand the kind of rebellion some people might have towards church, as I myself experienced it before and have broken through it myself.. This experience of rebellion, is not good, but it does make me grow some way or another.. and I thank God for that...

Other than that, I got to know lots and lots of new friends there.. or should I say, brothers and sisters.. Suddenly, I finished alevels...

PS: I also started going out yamcha sessions after I ended up serving.. haha.... good or bad? I should say good.. yamcha is GGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

St Michael's

1 year spent in Labuan, I have to kiss the cheap liquor and chocs good bye... but I didn't end up in someplace that is terrible.. In fact, I ended at the Sabah food city.. or also known as Nature City, Sandakan..

Landing in Sandakan, I wanted to thank God for my parents for bringing me to Sunday School in St Michael's. After 1 year not attending church at all, I do admit I missed the sunday morning cartoons as well as sleep a lot.. (service starts at 7 am!!)

After sometime, I got friends in the church and started to develop the habit of not missing the church service.. (which is something I thank God for, you'll see why in next posts...) I attended Sunday School till Form 3.. haha.. yes.. Form 3.. but I want to thank God as I developed skills to lead people, as well as guitar skills due to Sunday School... They needed a guitarist, thus I was asked to be under training.. I also was exposed to dancing and acting at that time.. which I do enjoy and never regretted until now.. haha

I also was confirmed in St Michael's when I was 12 years old. Did not understand the meaning at that time, but I went cause all my friends are going for it.. And boy, it wasn't easy. We had to memorize the communion booklet.. not just the Lord's Prayer, but almost everything in it.. Am grateful that I had to do so.. cause knowing me.. if i was offered not to do so.. I would not.. haha..

Oh ya.. my first exposure to cell group was also in St Michael's.. I had to choose between Boys Brigade (BB) and Youth Cell (YC) at that time, and I actually chose the first. Only till the second meeting, I chose the latter, cause I hate discipline.. haha

On my first YC meeting, I was asked to be an intern for that YC itself.. yes.. but I was lazy, and never attended training or meeting at that time, as I was still unclear what an intern is all about... My YC years are good.. I still remember meeting at a place with no air cond, with no tiled floor, with no chairs.. but we just meet and sang... without guitar.. and it was enjoyable.. though we were not in a comfortable place, we enjoyed.. sometimes makes me ponder whether all this comfort is giving excuses for people not to appreciate the comfort they are receiving nowadays.. hm..

I also had my first carolling.. and it was great.. going from houses to houses to sing.. until midnight.. was just a fantastic experience for me..In a nutshell, St Michael's is the church where I experience a lot of "firsts".

PS: Last year's camp was at st mike's as well, and I also had a first.. in a sense.. at the same church.. first time slaugthering a chicken and scaling a fish!!! haha.. and I share the same birthday with St Mike.. haha!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

St Paul's

Alright, for those who have been in KL long enough and are driving, I bet you know where St Paul's is. It's located at one of the exits from Federal Highway, heading towards the notorious food haven SS2.

How did I get to this church? My parents drove me of course!! Well, I can vaguely remember parts and parcels of this church, as I was still a kindergartner that time.. and all I ever participated was the Sunday School conducted by them. If you think Sunday Schools have no impact in lives, you're very wrong.

I still remember I was one of the naughty ones around, and I do believe the teachers took quite a lot of effort "taming" me.. Yeah, but the foundation has been laid. I know who Moses is, as well as other main characters in bible, though only as Ultraman and Superman of bible.. Yeah, for me, they are just a character of a story at that time.. But I do thank God for this church as well as for the guidance to this church. If not, I would not have had this sense of going to church rooted in me. It's really important that when we are still infants as well as kids, we are accustomed to going church, as this will somehow have impact later in life.

Not long later, I moved to Labuan and only went to church twice, Christmas and Easter... and now I regret not going church that time, as I missed the chance to know Theodore Kong earlier in life.. well, God has his plans.. haha

PS: Faith Kids is a VERY important ministry in church in which though the contribution looked small, impact is big. Thus, if you are reading this and have a burden in your heart, don't hesitate too long. There's always a constant need for lives to be impacted, either good or bad...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've suddenly came up with an idea to share about my life, in particular, my christian life. Most of you might know me for who I am, but not knowing the history of how the Lord led me. Thus, in the following few blog posts, I'm gonna tell in detail happenings that affected me in various churches I've been in. This blog posts will generally give you an idea of the general timeline.

Let's see, the first church I've been in is St Michael's, Sandakan. I'm born in Sandakan, and I was baptised when I was just 3 years of age.. Later in my years, I've proceeded to move to KL as my dad was transferred to KL..

In KL, I attended a church called St Paul's, which is in SS2.. (that time no FCC yet..) I was just a kid at that time, and when I barely knew anything about Jesus, I've moved to Labuan... Sadly speaking, I didn't really attend church in Labuan as I got myself drunk all the time with no duty wine... (yeah right... if you believed that... tsk tsk tsk...)

Then, I moved to Sandakan and I started going back to church.. in fact, St Michael's church... that's where I was confirmed, and I got to start to be a part of a church... Not long after, I moved to St Patrick's in Tawau and started to learn more in depth about Christianity..

Last but not least, I went to Faith Christian Center, where I learnt and matured up the most. Growing rapidly in these 3 years is really a blessing from the Lord.. which I could never imagine that I actually did so..

That's all for this posts.. anticipate the next chapter of this series.. oh yeah.. I don't have any particular preference of any churches.. haha

Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 Random Facts Revealed

So, I guess no one can get all ten correct.. haha..
Oh yeah, I've saved my own wallet.. haha
Here goes.. haha

1. I'm studying Mechatronics Engineering in Monash University Sunway Campus.. haha

2. I love slam dunk, especially Mitsui (no 14).. haha

3. I drive a light blue Inokom Matrix.. haha

4. I'm born in a city called Sandakan which is in Sabah.. haha

5. I have a huge collection of Gundam (more than a dozen) in TAWAU.. haha

6. I love the side characters of Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X, XII.. (that makes Zell, Steiner, Wakka and Balthier).. haha

7. I have 0 guitars. All belonged to my brother.. haha

8. I am baptized and confirmed in The Parish of St Michael and All Angels.. haha

9. I have used one number before, 019 (i'm still using my 016..).. haha

10. I am straight.. haha

There you have it.. ten random and true facts about me.. and I shall end this sentence just like how I ended the previous ones.. with a big HAHA!!

10 random facts

I've finally gotten to the point of siennesz to post 10 random facts about myself.

Of course, none of you would like to know about me.. so.. instead of putting all 10 random facts that are correct, all the facts have some errors in it...

can you spot the not??

1. I'm studying Mechanical Engineering in Monash University.
2. I love slam dunk, especially sakuragi hanamichi..
3. I drive a red Hyundai Matrix.
4. I'm born in a small city called Tawau which is in Sabah.
5. I have a huge collection of Gundam beside my bed now.
6. I love all the main characters of all Final Fantasy series.
7. I have 2 guitars, 1 acoustic, 1 classical.
8. I am baptised in St Michael's and confirmed in St Patrick's.
9. I have used three numbers before, 019, 012, and now 016.
10. I am gay.

PS: answers will be out soon. what's the fun if no one's trying to guess right. to the person who can correct all 10 questions and reply here, all correctly, i shall treat u with a reward.. that can satisfy ur stomach.. haha

anyway, question ten is quite obvious... =.=

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm supposed to post about another update... my Melaka trip... but I have yet to get the pics..

I'm supposed to blog about Shaneil's house blessing, but I'm lazy to grab the photos as well..

I'm also supposed to add something interesting into this blog.. in which I'm still thinking..

So, I hereby announce, there'll be delays in the operation of this lounge..

PS: Yes, I did this short post just to waste your time.. and get more people to read this blog. haha

Monday, October 20, 2008


MR2+ finale... was a great nite itself... I'm not going to tell you what happened so that you will regret for not going~! (yes.. I'm bad..)..

Well, here I just want to thank everyone who helped out as ushers.. Cause without you all, I'm dead meat.. Also thanks to everyone who helped to plan as well as gather people up.. really appreciated all your help.. (you know if you did helped~!)..

Also thanks to everyone who made the night a blast...

And most importantly, thank God for His help and encouragement.. Yeah babe..

Thanks, thanks and thanks..

PS: I'm ID again.. yeah...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Waste of Materials

Well, throughout this semester, I've learned a lot in the labs... but I seriously have improved in my soldering skills..

Why so??

See for yourself..

For those who don't realize it, it's my name soldered on the board.!!

I am really wasting Monash resources....

PS: For those who want a message soldered, leave me a message and prepare me the materials. FOC if materials are supplied. If not, I shall charge.. hehe

Btw, another one of the masterpiece I've created due to my siennezs in lab...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rumah Joseph..

On one very boring day, I used my site trackers to check to see whether there are any internationals visiting my blog.... I'll be glad if I saw one or two... but not as glad as this discovery...

Amazed at it, being an engineer, I went to the lengths to discover the truth... using google maps.. Behold..

Dude.. which country in this world will name a place after a person's house?? Welcome to Malaysia..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Updates 2 of 3

Sorry for all the delay.. was rushing a report.. had 3 slightly sleep deprived nights... slightly as i still did sleep...

Anyway, second update's gonna be...


( Warning: For those who forgot.. No need send me sms or message la.. It's too late to apologize ~~~It's too late~~~~ forgot who sing this song.. haha.. )

Anyway, this year's birthday is rather special as it marks my numerical transition from a youth to an adult. Yeah babe, I'm 21~~!!!! Casino and pubs.. wahahahaha....

Neway, this shall be a lengthy one.. to show how the Lord blessed me.. wahaha... Shall start with the general ones, in the form of a song...

On the first hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

1 surprise party for me..

On the second hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

3 blogspot posts, and a surprise party for me..

On the third hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

5 friendster wishes, 3 blogspot posts for me and a surprise party for me..

On the fourth hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

30 smses, 5 friendster wishes, 3 blogspot posts and a surprise party for me...

On the fifth hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

36 facebook wall posts, 30 smses, 5 friendster wishes, 3 blogspot posts and a surprise party for me..

On the sixth hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

Tonnes of wishes, 36 facebook wall posts, 30 smses, 5 friendster wishes, 3 blogspot posts and A SURPRISE PARTY FOR ME~~!!

(caps it so u know it's da ending)..

Yeah.. thanks loads to everyone who sent all the greetings and wishes.. thanks man~!

Special events happened. Prior to my birthday itself, my parents brought me out for a dinner. Simple dinner at a simple restaurant located nearby house. However, when we got there, there was a performer there, singing and entertaining the guests there. Boy, is he GOOD~!! Then my dad, being wacky and all (now i know why me and my brothers are all jokers..) requested a birthday song... Thus, I got a free ice cream from the restaurant itself... (shall write a review on that restaurant sometime soon.. called BibiChik)..
My dad handsome leh.... now you know why we three siblings are handsome also.. haha
This guy is GOOD~!!!!

I really enjoy the night itself, as I don't really get to spend much time with them. And I really do have to thank God for them. Sometimes when I forgot how the Lord loves us, I just look at them, and I can see the type of Godly love projected by them. So, they are great.. wahaha... great parents~!!!

Then, I get to meet my best bud from sdk.. though not in a very good way, but at least, i got to meet him and had a chat with him. Really along time since i looked for my buddy.. If the Lord did not arrange, I might have even forgotten of him... Me bad...

My birthday was a normal monday.. with lectures and all.. and night time I went for prayer meeting.... Just when it ended, I received an official business call.. (some classmates call me la..).. thus i went to talk at the porch... when I stepped back in.. they are all prepared with the party dy.. Shiok des ka... Got surprised.. but I must apologize that my reactions can't be more.. cause.. I'm not trained to react accordingly to surprises.. haha.. Neway, credits to da organizers.. My twu best bud Jpang, Dele and Jov.. (if i left out any.. not my fault.. their fault.. for not letting me know!!) Somemore.. my car was taped.. with a big "Happy Birthday" sign.. so big.. I really have to give credit to the rascals who did this.. hehe

My Mom's Car!!!! (hehe...)

After that, I received a present from the Lord.!! What is it? Stay tuned for the third update.. haha

PS: For those who noticed, it's a christmas song. For those who noticed.. it should be a marriage course on monday night.. not a prayer meeting.. (If you're from FCC and u didnt notice that.. tsk tsk tsk....). Special PS for timlim.. i know you have a part to play bah.. haha...purposely leave u out first.. hehe

Friday, October 10, 2008

Of Bf and Gf

Alright, this is some random things I thought of before i doze off last night.

Consider this statement:

"A girl will always treat a special boy as a boyfriend whereas a boy will only treat a special girl as a girlfriend. If a boy treats another boy as a boyfriend, he is gay."

Now, we know that boyfriend is also known as bf, and girlfriend is also known as gf. Substituting that into the statement will yield:

" A girl will always treat a special boy as a bf whereas a boy will only treat a special girl as a gf. If a boy treats another boy as a bf, he is gay."

Another representation of bf = best friend whereas another representation of gf = good friend. Substituting this to the improved statement will yield:

" A girl will always treat a special boy as a best friend whereas a boy will only treat a special girl as a good friend. If a boy treats another boy as a best friend, he is gay."

Thus, from this study, we know why sometimes in a relationship, the girl puts in more effort. And this also proves why girls can be very close friend (until holding hands) whereas guys will never be that close with one another.

PS: Don't shoot me for this lame post. Just my thoughts.. to prove how lame I am.. haha.. neway, another 2 updates will be up soon. Still waiting for the pics though..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update 1 of 3

As promised.. I'll add 3 Grand Updates for this Leisure Lounge's comeback~!

First of all, let me present to you, the new General Manager of this Leisure Lounge.


Yeah, I've gotten a haircut.. I've got no comments on this haircut, why I did it, and what made me do it. Maybe, I've been feeling the heat in my head for a long time.. thus I have chosen a much more windy haircut... Anyway, feel free to drop by any comments or donations regarding this haircut..

PS: For those who noticed, I deleted a post. Reason?? Inappropriate. So, it is deleted. Haha

Sunday, October 5, 2008


i promise that there'll be updates soon.. once i get the pictures.. not one, not two, but THREE updates.. so.. anticipate la..

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Thanks for all the wishes.
Thanks for all the greetings.
Thanks for all the wall posts.
Thanks for all the blog posts.
Thanks for all the messages.
Thanks for all the celebrations.
Thanks for all the care.
Thanks for all the effort.


(PS: I am tired. Thus, details will be out tmr or soon)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Leisure Lounge will be down for maintenance from now until who knows when...

As the Managing Director of this lounge, I am truly sorry for all the inconvenience caused because of this sudden maintenance. I hope that you'll be patient during this period of time and I assure you that the operations will resume shortly..

Alright, enough with formality.. I'm kinda busy these few weeks, due to assignments, lab reports, and also a project. I shall blog lesser, but remain reading people's blogs. Thus, do visit "me" when I start blogging again. Till then, tata

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

100 days more to go~!

Only 100 days more to..... nope, not my birthday... nope, not my wedding... no no... not new year... but... Christmas Day~!!!!

Yeah, that's all about it.. in this post.. let's countdown~!

Industrial Training

Industrial training aka Internship.. is very near..

I'm wondering.. should I go for a far company, but with a promising future and a promising good boss?

Or should I find someplace near, but have no idea of what the boss and environment will be like?

Feedbacks will be appreciated..

Anyway, busy weeks ahead, will still read, but might not write.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Music Revolution 2+

What is the above logo about?

What is MR 2+?

What is actually going on?

If you are wondering and you would like to know more, but feels that I'm not a trustworthy person to tell you about it, read it yourself from these renowned bloggers...

If you would rather have me tell you the gist of it, I shall do the honours.

MR2+ is the event in which two competitions will be conducted. Singing Competition and Song Composing Competition. This coming saturday, which is practically today, is the first preliminary round for the singing competition. Thus, if you fancy people singing, and also fancy american idol, malaysian idol and perhaps petaling street idol, you should come and have a look. By the way, the competition is closed for participation already, but you could still come and see how others sing.

The venue is Faith Christian Center. 8.30 pm, Saturday night. Do try not to miss this golden opportunity to attend this event. Who knows, you might be mesmerized by the contestant, and next thing I know, I'm ushering for your wedding. So, nuff said, see ya there~!

Friday, September 12, 2008


It's time to be quiet.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Lots have been happening around...

But before I proceed with myself, grats to Ivan and Karen~!

Wahaha.. Damn happy about it, I myself can't really sleep the night before their wedding. I myslef am not aware why I'm so happy. Well, maybe it's cause Ivan is like a brother to me already. I don't talk much with him, or anyone in Ken Damansara Cell Group, but I do feel home with them and feel a part of them. That's why, when Howard got wed, I tried to offer as much as I can. When Ivan got wed, I did too.

It's amazing to be in God's plan now. Coming to KL. Joining Ken CG, Then seeing one by one of their members getting wed. I do hope this wedding rally never end~! Who should I expect the fourth member to be? Haha.... Horace? Phoebe? Beatrice? Jonathan? I do wonder.

These few days, I've been in a lot of events, and the preaching this week is about character. Makes me reminded of what I've done in my Windows Live Spaces blog: asking everyone to tell me where I can improve.

I guess, it's time to ask everyone the same question after sometime. As I know, people change, and needs to be rebuked from time to time. Thus, do comment on what areas I can improve so that I'm a better person, and a person more like Jesus. Please don't think this is an emo post, and say things like "U're doing great, U're a good person"... I don't need thos comments. I need ideas to improve.. Seriously.. And do suggest also how I can improve myself.. cause... I'm lazy to think.

So long for this post. Hope I'll have to give wedding angpau again real soon~!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Final Fantasy VIII Music - Love Grows

This is one of the greatest ballads Final Fantasy has ever produced. Enjoy~

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Which hairstyle?

There's this theory around in the world where humans evolved from apes. But I do believe, if evolution is a correct theory, that humans do evolve from apes, then I have a theory of my own. I believe that if evolution does exist, humans will evolve into apes, and not apes into humans.


Look around you. People have evolved from walking to sitting on a car. Getting lazier to use their legs. Sooner or later, their legs will have no energy and humans will be swinging from tree to tree.

Look around you. People have evolved from using their brains to lazy procrastinating people. They tend not to use their brain and just does what everyone around him/her does. Apes, are always doing that.

Look around you. People have evolved from talking to sending sms, and from stopping to talk when meeting someone they know, to just a simple hi and bye. The lesser we use our verbal ability, the lesser we are fluent at a language. Next time, I foresee that humans will forget the language they've learnt, and just makes noise like apes.

Look around you. People, in particular, guys, have evolved from short smart hair to long messy hair. Apes, don't need to manage their hair. This point might be the most arguable compared to the rest. But, I will always provide you with evidence.



PS: I'm just wondering which hairstyle I should have, short or long as I seriously have no idea. Haha, hope this post did not offend anyone. Chill my friend, chill.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Car Ride

Today I went to Bangsar, but I didn't drive..

Credits to Paul and Denise. They drove me there with Veman for dinner. The entire ride was really fun to me. Maybe cause I've been driving people and myself all the while that I kinda start to miss the feelings of sitting in people's car. I'm not grumbling or complaining, but I'm just thanking God for this chance to experience sitting in a person's car once again, enjoying the sights as the car swerve through the busy streets of KL.

Going back to Bangsar, my memories just came back. Ah.. my kindergarten. How I wish it was still there. Nostalgic feelings just kept coming back to me as I linger around that area, with thoughts of me crying whenever I'm left alone at home, crying when I went to primary 1, crying when other guys bullied me.. Ah.. those were the days.. I do miss my primary school friends and though I've met 2 of them back, I wanna meet everyone once again.

Enough ranting, time to end. Before I stop, shall let you all know where I have my dinner in Bangsar. It's in.......uh......what's it called again........... let me think..............CHILLI'S!!!! Nice. Haha.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Updates.. Yeah, I got a few stuffs to update you guys here.


First and foremost, Olympics has officially ended. For those who don't know, China won the games with 51 gold, followed by USA with 36 gold. But the total medal tally is won by USA with 110 medals, and China with 100 medals. For those who might not be so into sports, you may skip this paragraph. For those sport lovers, here are some facts for you about the Olympic.

1. Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in swimming. The total gold medals of other swimmers are just 7.

2. It was the first time Mauritius won a medal.

3. China won more gold medals this time than the total medal they have in Athens.

How trustworthy these facts are? Visit this website and you'll know. By the way, surprisingly, in the poll i uploaded, 37% voted that Malaysia will win the Olympics. I never knew that Malaysians are so patriotic. GO MALAYSIA~!


Second update of the day is I've finally made my way to UKM~! Here, I would like to thank Chew Jiun Ru and Rick Sim. And here also, I would like to apologize to Jovina and Isabel. The story is simple. I was supposed to fetch Isabel back. I got rick's help to give directions. Jovina needed me to get her back to get something. So we started our journey from Sunway at 10 pm. Things was smooth at first till we reach UPM. Then we realize we are totally lost. Got Chew's help. We went to Kajang and was lost there. Went to a toll and asked the "kak" there how to get to UKM. She asked us to turn back, but we are rebellious people. We decided to ask our friends and try to find another route. In the end, ended up at the same toll booth and asked the same "kak" again. After a few more attempts, we finally reached UKM, with Isabel being car sick.. Yeah, I drive pretty scary.. In the end, thank God that from different bumpings, we reached home safely.


Third update is plain simple. Alice came back from England so we went for dinner at The Gardens. First time ever I go to The Gardens. It's really a nice place. Went to Zanmai for it's udon. I must say, it is good. I recommend people to try it again. Fried udon. Something like fried Loh Shi Fun.


I know this post is kinda boring as there are lots of words and no photos. Sorry to say, I'm not photogenic. Thus, I don't really prefer taking photos. Thus, this post has become a post without photos. Thus, it is being filled with boring words. Thus, you are reading a boring post with boring words. Thus, you are still reading this because somehow you are. Thus, I will conclude this post with another thus. Thus, I shall wish you a pleasant day, or a good night.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday was 20082008. Lots of people are grasping this once in a lifetime opportunity to message people they secretly admire. Yeah, what else is a better excuse than this? Simply send a simple sms saying "Did you know today's 20082008?" to initiate a chat with the person you love~!

Anyway, I'm not blogging about that any further, as my topic is 21082008. Today is evidently something new for me. I woke up at 10 am, with heavy raindrops trying to make me fall back to sleep. Nevertheless, I, being a very hardworking student (ahemm), woke up and went to uni. Reached the car park around 10.30. Classes starts at 11. So I've decided to wait on the car for a while as cats and dogs are falling on my car. Half way waiting, it was 10.40 when the rain started to drizzle. Chance is there for me to make a dash to uni~! Suddenly, instinct tells me, 10.45, the rain will stop completely. I am so DEAD. 10.50, the cloud suddenly overpopulated itself and rain fell like there's no tomorrow.

In the end, to cut it short, I used the small umbrella I always keep in my bag, walked to uni, and got wet. Not those kind of wet, but wet. My trousers are soaked from thigh to bottom, with water penetrating through my shoes. Socks was wet as well. Was in uni from 11 am till 9 pm, due to an assignment.

Catch is this, I realized that for a trousers to be dried, it'll take around 7 hours, but the socks, will never dry if you keep it in your shoes. I've ended up understanding why people insists on wearing slippers on rainy days..

Before I end this post, wanna tell you what I did for 20082008. I had 4 packs of MAMEE monster~! 2 green, 2 red. Yeah. I feel that I've accomplished something new. Yeah babe~!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Weekend

This weekend marks the restart of EPL, also known as Barclay's Premier League.
This weekend marks the final of the men's singles badminton for the Olympics.
This weekend marks the start of a school break.
This weekend marks the start of 3 different diocesan youth camps throughout Sabah.

Let's start with EPL. For those football lovers, this is your day. But personally, I'm not so keen. I didn't even know anything about this. I'm now just waiting for the restart of NBA season.. lol..

Speaking about badminton, the finals was a clash of titans, between world ranked number 1 Lin Dan and world ranked number 2, national ranked number 1, Lee Chong Wei. Prior to the match, I've seen lots of people wanting to watch the match and see Lee win, but after the trashing he received, lots of people say they are disappointed, and say that it's a waste of time. Makes me think, is it a must for them to win, or are the athletes there to try to win something and glorify Malaysia. Since when has it become a do or die condition for them? For those complaining, why don't YOU try to represent Malaysia to an international event... hmmm

For me, Lee really did try his best at times already. Credits for him for the Silver medal.

School break starts this weekend. Sadly Monash doesnt follow this timetable. So classes as usual.. Haiz... The diocesan youth camps (english, chinese and BM) kicks start soon, and sadly again, i'm not going to any.

Anyway, the highlight of this post is not any of those. Highlight is that I want to promote the blog of a SIAO member of FCC. He is as SIAO as me, thus I must let his presence be known. Without further delay. SIAO guy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chinese Ghost Festival

Every Chinese knows that the Ghost Festival falls on the fourteenth day of the seventh month according to the chinese calender. (Well, if you don't know and you're a Chinese, you're really a pure banana.. no matter if you can write and speak Chinese...)

Ok, assuming that you're a Chinese and you knew about this Ghost Festival thingy, do you know when does it fall in the calender system that we all use today? Believe it or not.. it fell on 8th August 2008~!!! Yeah, the day Olympic was celebrated~!

If you want evidence about it.. I'll give u an evidence.. Cause all the ghost from around the world have gotten together to invade China~!!! There were Westerners (Guai Lou), Blacks ( Haak Guai) and many other nationalities (Meh Guai Du Yao~!). Thus, the Olympic opening was actually a Ghost Festival Celebration....

The end of my lame joke..

PS : No offence to anyone. It's not a racist or nationalisist statement. ( I believe nationalist doesnt mean people who dislike people from different nationals.. so i invented nationalisist). This is purely a lame joke I thought of when I was halfway watching Olympics. It was really great. Credits to the ideas~! And for your information, Ghost Festival is on 14th August.. and I don't celebrate it.. lol... Another thing is, in Chinese language, only Chinese are known as human.. others are all ghosts.. Guai Lou refers to westerners.. translated as ghost guy.. Haak Guai means black ghost.. and Meh Guai Du Yao practically means what ghost also got~!

Yeah, I've crapped enough.. oh ya.. finally gotten a webcam.. Muahahaha,...

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Recipe

For those who know me, you might think I'm a person who can't cook. A rich lad lying at home all day waiting for the maid or chef to serve dinner. You are so wrong my friends. I shall prove to you that I can cook, and in fact, I'm creative when it comes to cooking. How you might ask? Easy, by sharing to you a new recipe in which I thought of on my own. Beware for the...

1. Go to supermarket or any minimarket nearby.
2. Buy yourself a pack of indomie and a pack of Sedaap. (i wanted to provide you with illustrations, but sadly yahoo image search yield zero results of what i want. Anyway, da indomie is brown in color, in terms of its packing, is dry instant noodle. Same goes to Sedaap. Also dry instant noodle, but white packing).
3. Take a pot and fill it half with water.
4. Boil the water.
5. Throw both packs of noodles inside. (Remember to open the packaging and get the noodle inside, not the whole pack itself.. )
6. Cook till it looks more like noodles than MAMEE.. (by the way, the Sedaap noodle is more yellowish compared to the indomie.. i wonder does that mean it is more harmful?)
7. Once done, take the noodle out (without the water) and then put it on a plate. (duh..)
8. Open the seasonings and mix them well together.
9. Shove it down your throat.
I know some of you might be speechless. Even ignoring this blog post. But I'm gonna tell you, it's really a great combination. You're getting the best from both worlds~! The dark soy sauce and the seasoning powder from indomie really does beat the Sedaap ones, but the fried onion bits of Sedaap is irresistable. With this combination, not only you get the fried onion bits, for some reason, the combined sauce and powder made a fairly new and rather more tempting taste~! So don't miss out. Try it!
1. I had this for dinner. Yeah, i had 2 packs. I'm a big eater. Yay....
2. I did prove i can cook. Even instant noodles also counted.
3. I dunno if this combination is poisonous or not. Try at your own risks. Currently after 6 hours, I'm still fairly ok.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Passion Concert. I believe lots will be blogging about them. For me, they're just ok. Chris Tomlin don't really rock. The person who shared about word didnt really rock. Heck, the entire thing didn't rock except for 1 person. Nope, he's not one of the musicians, nor is he one of the helpers. Yeah, God rocked last night.

I entered that place with anticipation of something grand. Something big. It was grand. It was big. Am I happy? Not really. I was among the great crowd there, trying to sing songs of praise, but to no avail. My throat failed me terribly (I can't sing cause my throat's sick). It was so dreadful that at one point, I started to ponder on the same question I've pondered numerous time. Am I supposed to be in worship team? Why do I have this urge of joining?

I couldn't keep myself from pondering, and in the end, out of anger towards God, I rebelled. So I remained a silent worshipper (in a sense, I sing in heart, not with my mouth). The event continued to a prayer of 3. First experience to me. I was trying to buy their idea until when I was supposed to be praying for revival, I wandered to pray for my dilemma. Later on the day, I can't stand it. I was touched by God. I've experienced a brand new revival. Really wanna give praise and thank God for that.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nuclear Reactor

Should we implement nuclear power? This is one of the issues that is still among debates of current world. There were nuclear reactor explosions leaving a large piece of land devastated for decades. However, it is one of the best replacement form of power generator for the future world when fossil fuels are vanishing at the speed of light. So, in today's blog, I shall let you all know how does this nuclear reactor work and what is actually happening in there.

According to, when a neutron strikes a uranium-235 nucleus in the Fuel, sometimes the nucleus will split, or fission, into 2 unequally sized nuclei called fission fragments. They are the major contributor to heat production in the fuel (~80%). This heat gets transmitted to the coolant outside the fuel. Also produced are between 2 and 3 neutrons.

Complicated? I'll better elaborate using a different example. I wrote a blog post called Wave. The wave hits the blogging world and more people starts their own personal blog. Thus, more people are utilizing internet. Produced alongside with this process are 3 other blog post in 3 different blogs related to the blog post called Wave. First, Second, Third.

Yeah, never knew my blog post was so influential..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to Square One

Ah, the wonder of the word accomplishment. It just makes people drool over the sense of being an accomplished person. Well, how do we define accomplishment?

According to this website, accomplishment can be defined as the act of accomplishing or the state of being accomplished; completion. It is also something completed successfully, in other words, achievement. It can also be seen as an acquired skill or expertise, or probably, social poise and grace.

So what about me? I have accomplished lots in my life though I'm at the tender age of 20. I have completed numerous games and challenges, and have acquired some skills and will acquire an expertise in the field of engineering as well. I can also be regarded as a sociable person. So, does that make me a successful person?

I've been thinking, why have I been trying so hard in my life nowadays, trying to balance both my church and my university, without forgetting to squeeze time for my family, and hopefully a new addition to my family as well. Where can I find time? Since I've accomplished so much, what's next?

Questions and questions are there. I would not regard myself as a person with lots of accomplishment, yet lots of unaccomplished tasks. The tasks are just too much that I don't think the list will end within the coming ten to twenty years. Yeah, burdens are present everywhere in my life. Well, tonight's prayer meeting, opened new dimensions to me.

I got to know that, I have to start from square one, or perhaps, square zero again. Start from scratch in everything I'm doing now. Perhaps, I've grown arrogant, forgetting that I need God's grace and spirit to lead. I've been using my own might and power, so as to say, for the past semester. Result? Not good. Well, thank God for the prayer meeting. I shall start humbling myself and relearn everything once again, hopefully God will shower His grace on me. Really thank God for touching my heart tonight, and making me feel the Holy Spirit working in me once again. The feeling is just great. Nothing beats it. Revival is really a good way to recharge me.

PS 1: Sorry, this post shall end here.

PS 2: Sorry, this post don't contain any interesting graphic or images. So it's a lengthy word post that should be boring.

PS 3: I'm not being emo, just wanna thank God for the prayer meeting, and wanna make those who missed it feel regret.. haha

PS 4: I've slept on my couch throughout the night, and am having back pains now.. Another sign of aging.. Aargh...

PS 5: The words little children have appeared twice in my life today, once in prayer meeting, once more in the daily bible verse on my right hand side toolbar.. maybe there's a meaning..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Browser Based Online Games

I believe that there are times when you are online and you are just bored, having nothing to do, and nothing to surf. There are also times when you wanted to play games, but you just don't know what to play. So I am going to promote some sites that I have been frequenting so that we all get the benefits of these sites.

First and foremost, Addicting Games. This site has a tricky name, plus it updates new games on the site very frequently. However, the games sucks most of the time, as they are made by amateur game programmers. This site will be suitable if you are wanting something simple and fast loading games. As for me, I would rank it 2/5.

Next on the list, Finger Time. The games offered are not just about speed of typing or accuracy of your typing skills, minds are also needed to attempt playing most of the games offered here. The site have developed fairly well over the years. Games offered here are little compared to the rest, but you won't feel childish playing any of them. Sudoku which is offered in this site is highly recommended. My opinion, 3/5.

Up next, a rather more interactive website, Kongregate. Credits are given to this gamer for introducing me to this site. Well, this site offers games that are both fun and exciting. Furthermore, if you register an account in this site, there are challenges and badges for you to collect and accomplish. Only thing is, it is seasonal. One of the best games offered is a card game called Kongai, which is recommended from me, as it requires a little bit of prediction skills on what other gamers' next step might be. I'd give this site 4.5/5.

Not forgetting the legendary Miniclip. This site has been around for ages and can be said the most well known online browser based collection website. Almost everyone knows of this site. Lots of quality games. If you are a hardcore soccer fan, play power soccer that is offered here. I did a review and attached a video not so long ago on that game, and trust me, it's GOOD~! This site deserves a 4/5 from me.

Mo Fun Zone, if translated from Chinese means, No Fun Zone. But the site is different from what its chinese translation means. This site offers good games that can be completed easily. One of the recommended games here are the ones linking to Tactics Arena Online, another online game. Chess freaks will love it. Only bad thing about this game is the player have to pay to enjoy benefits. Overall rating, 3/5.

Prepare to get more mouses as Mouse Breaker is next on the list~! Well, relative to its name, I bet the idea is there in your head that the site offers games that only use mouse. Yes, you are clever. This site offers games that are both fun and great. However, the tendency of updating games to this site is also relatively low, but the games there should occupy quite a number of your time. For instance, the EPL Manager 2008. A great managing game that can get you glued to your seat. An easy 3/5 from me.
Last but not least, Y8. Why 8? I really have no idea. Yet this site has the most comprehensive collection of online browser based games. From dull and boring dressup games, to rare and uniquely fun games. This site is definitely for you if you have 24 hours to spare waiting for something to happen. I shall give this site a 2/5 as the loading speed is comparatively slower than the rest.

So that should wrap up the entire coverage of sites I do visit nowadays. Till then, tata.

Friday, July 11, 2008


What does noob mean to you?

This is a word that has been developed in this modern era, that I'm not even sure if it's in a dictionary. Somehow, i tried it in, and hey, there's 1 website which offer 2 definitions for the word "noob". Yeah, not one, but two.

None of Our Business

[not an acronym] Newbie (a new person; often used pejoratively)

(taken from )

Surprising fact that noob is none of our business... but i was refering to newbie. Lolz

I am still a noob in music, and I am more than happy to say that. Shit happens, even after 7 years of learning something, you're still a noob.

As for my studies, I'm no longer a nerd. Just cause I have a nerdy look, doesnt mean I'm a GOD in studies who don't have to study and still can score HD's all the way.. Evidence, I lost my scholarship.. If any of you need more evidence, I can give you more this coming semester, just say so...

Why I'm saying this? I'm frustrated at 2 things. My noobness at music which I think is kinda humiliating. Another is the fact that when you need help in studies, people tend to say this "You don't need help. You're a GOD. Why study? Just go in and for sure you can get straight HD's"

I regret teaching them when they asked me questions.. Shit do happen in this shitty world..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Final Fantasy IX - Walkthrough Part 1

Well, I'm a Final Fantasy freak and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Well, the previous holiday, I've used up 30 hours of my life watching the walkthrough for Final Fantasy 8, and now I'm watching for Final Fantasy 9.. I really need to get my life..

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Waves are everywhere. From sound wave, to real life ocean wave. But I'm not gonna talk about those this time. I'm half asleep, so I'm not gonna make lame jokes to entertain you guys, or post some lame photos. Somehow, I've gotten to think about this, what's the current wave? What's the current culture?

Generally, I have NO idea~! But for a group of FCC-ians, it's gotta be blogging. Time for some history. When I just reached here, I think soccer was the wave. Then, it was leader's retreat organized by Isaac Sim. Sooner after that, we had indoor games wave (carrom, chinese chess, etc..). New church building hyped us up. Now, I can strongly believe, the most "in trend" wave that hit FCC is blogging. If evidence is what you need, evidence is what I'm giving you.

First, we had old people who had left blogging for good, blogging once again. Who you might wonder? Then click da link la.. Otherwise, why is it there for? Anyway, there's also some old people who have been encouraged to blog once again, and after some persuasion, has not just started blogging again, but changed the entire template and look of his blog! Of course, there are also old people who have changed their blogging domain sites just to show his new commitment towards blogging! Also, some fella have just changed the entire url for his blog so that he is not left out in the "xiao" family~!

Enough about old people? Not so fast to the new bloods. We cannot forget to give credits to the people who have remained faithful to blogging all these years, and never stopped at all right. Him, him, him, him, him and her. They are very loyal fellas, towards blogging. Don't think they can live a day without a computer.

Of course, the new bloods. Some have opted to start blogging for the fun of blogging. Some have opted to blog so that they are not left out. (peer pressures from friends). Some started it because I asked them why have they abandoned their blog. Some started because their brothers have blogs. Some started just because she wants to be heard by others as well. Some started because their best buddies forced them to starting it. Some people even started blogs so that their lameness can spread even throughout the internet, even when they are not telling lame jokes in front of you...

No matter what your reasons are, blogging is growing among us, especially the FCC-ians. We will just wait for episodes of hakka lessons and take pride in our vulgar yet interesting language. We will wait for people to start putting c-boxes up and spam it by saying stuffs like "testing 1 2 3" and "high praise~!".. We will even go to lengths of checking everyone's blog everyday, and hope to be the first to comment in their most recent post~!

Well, it got me wondering, how long will this wave last? What's the next wave? I dunno. I do hope that blogging unites us.

PS: Not all blogs are linked here. A fella's blog might have been linked twice. Not everyone's blog are linked accordingly and not every link here are FCC-ian. Haha. I bet you clicked almost everyone's link, stopped halfway, and then gave up linking until you reach the fella who started a blog to lame others, and clicked on it. Anyway, I'm just being myself when I'm tired.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Captain Ball

It's quite a surprising fact that not many know the fun-filled game of Captain Ball.

One might have guessed that in this game, there is a captain for each team, and your guess is right. Otherwise, it'll be called captainless ball. Ok, lame enough. I know. Anyway, back to the topic. Captain ball, if I'm not mistaken, is played somewhat like "Bola Jaring" aka NetBall. Instead of having a hoop as goal, a person stands on a chair and is guarded by a defender from the opposing team. Can't get the picture? I'll have some Microsoft Paint diagrams to help you.
I guess the diagrams quite blur. Keepers are the one at the ends of the field. They are people standing on chairs. Players are people running around in the middle, trying to pass the ball to the keeper. Once the keeper catches it, their team score 1 goal. Defenders are those standing just in front of their opposing team's keeper, and they'll try their best not to let the ball reach the keeper. Rules are simple. Players cannot dribble with the ball, or even move if they have the ball. They can only either pass it, or shoot it.
Well, if you are more than interested to find out more on this game, do go to Faith Christian Center this coming Sunday (6th July), at 4 pm. Yeah, there'll be an event called Youth Captain Ball. Don't be conned by the word youth, it's not restricted only for youths, it's open to all~!.
What's a better way to know a game besides experiencing it first hand!!

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ever feel cheated?

Ever feel conned?

I just felt it.

I've been quite crazy with Call of Duty 4. Frankly speaking, it's the game I like the most at this moment. So, I always play it in cyber, everytime I'm in a cyber. I even purposely went to cyber for that particular game.

I've been downloading it for a week. It is a 6.32 Gb file, shared by some fella online. Wasted like eternity. Finally I've finished downloading it. However, it's in .iso format. So I downloaded another software to specifically unzip this file. After that, my brother installed it. Single player, cant play. Multi player, cant play also.

I feel so bo song~! (In a sense, no mood).. I've all my hopes in this download and it turns out like this....

So now I'm publicly asking, does anyone have the game (in a installer cd). I NEED IT~!!!

Friday, June 27, 2008


I've come to lots of junctions in my life.. Yeah, almost everytime I drive, I'll come to a junction...

There are just so many types of junctions. T-junctions, crossroads, roundabout, a branching to the left, a branching to the right, etc...

Sometimes in life, I really don't know how to decide. Cruel thing about growing up is not the facts of life, the reality of the difficulty to strive in this life, but endless decision making scenarios that are sure to make you regret one way or another...

Victor Lee once said "Junctions in life are not like junctions on the road, you can easily make a 3 point turn if you took the wrong turning, but it might not be possible if you made the wrong decision."

Ok, I'm really confused. Why? Cause I'm quoting myself...

Alright, in life, I do struggle a lot. From the biggest decisions in life, to the smallest. From whether to be an engineer or lawyer, to whether to eat economy rice or chicken rice. From whether to compete in basketball competitions, to shooting or dribbling. Man, decisions are a never ending process!

Now, I'm considering whether to further my studies beyond what I am doing now or not. Now, I'm considering which ministry to prioritise. Now, I'm considering which ministries to take and which to let go. Now, I'm considering where to settle after I graduate. Now, I'm considering how to spend my holidays. Now, I'm considering whether I should become less hyper active. Now, I'm considering a lot of stuffs.

It's just hard when decisions made come back to haunt you. You thought you took a left turn, but it was actually a roundabout. It's hard when you reach a one-way T-junction. You can only choose either one, no turning back. It's hard when you are going straight, and are prompted with side turnings. You don't know whether the side turnings will lead to a better future, or going straight will.


PS: I know most of you will ask me to ask God and see what He says..

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Brilliant Evening

Not long ago, I had posted that I've watched sunrise all by myself. Today, I got to watch sunset, but this time, thank God, I'm not watching by myself. I watched the romantic sunset with someone special to me. Someone who has always been there for me for the past 2 years in KL.

Stop guessing my friends, yes, her name is none other than Inokom Matrix.

I spent my evening washing my car, and it took me 2 hours 45 minutes.. Yeah, I used that much time just to wash my car..

First, I vacuumed it, then I wiped it clean interiorly, then I soak it in soap, after that I rinse it with water, and finally I wipe it. Took me from 5.15 pm to 8 pm. Crazily tired now.

The next time I see someone complaining that my car's dirty, I'm gonna invite that person to join me for my next car wash. It's gonna be a whole lot faster the next time i wash it. Hehe.

I realised one thing while I was cleaning my car up, the car has served me well these 2 years. As I was washing, I was thinking, without this car, I could not have had so much comfort. Not just me mates. Lots of people wouldn't have enjoyed it. From quick trips to church, to long distance travelling to airport, lots of people have enjoyed benefits from the car. So I am publicly thanking my car for all the 2 years of serving me and my friends. Imagine the car is a transformer, stands up one day and says this " What the heck. I've served you so hard and what do I get in return? Nothing!! Ngo Em Lou Le (I quit in cantonese)"

However, in this world, not everyone appreciates the car. You see, I've found tissues and wrappers in my car left there on purpose from people who thinks that my car's a rubbish car. The next time I get to know who he or she is, I'm gonna say this "Please don't enter my car. It's a rubbish car. It'll pollute you and downgrade you."

Sometimes, I do wonder. Why people don't appreciate cars. Transportation as a whole. I've been fetching and fetching, and I hate to be taken for granted. I believe all drivers do. Thus, I have a personal request to everyone who's being fetched by others. Not just me. Other drivers as well. Next time you get on a car, if there's a rubbish, help that person throw? Or just say a thanks the next time you get out? I dunno, I do say thanks everytime someone fetches me (except when my family does). And always remember, they have the right not fetch you anytime they want. You are not their boss. Keep this in mind.

Why am I bringing this up? The other day, I met a form 5 classmate from US, and we've been talking about courtesy as a whole. Why Malaysia fail and why other countries flourished. Well, courtesy is a big issue. Most of you might be blaming Indians. Worse still Malays? Well, stop blaming people, cause Chinese are to be blamed also. Just answer these simple questions. Do you hold the door for the person behind you? Do you smile when you see someone smiling back? Do you say thanks to the cashier when he or she is serving you? Do you feel thankful for the government? At least, there's no war in Malaysia. Do you clean the toilet after you use it? Just a simple wipe or flush will do at times. Do you tell your friends if you broke something at their place, or just keep it to yourself due to the fear of shame?

The list goes on and on. Well, this isn't an emo post, but just my thoughts. I'm striving to be more courteous this fasting season, and hopefully it'll develop as a habit. And yes, if you ask, I kind of say thanks to all the cashiers. Sometimes, it just makes their day.

PS: I won a cup in power soccer~!