Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Hungry Man is AN Angry Man

Well, I never believed that the phrase "a hungry man is an angry man" applies to everyone, especially me up until yesterday night...

Well, I have planned to skip dinner.. yes, Victor Lee is skipping dinner, due to the numerous approaches by different people telling me how big my tummy has gotten into..

So, in order to finally try to reduce the size, I have chosen to skip dinner... and boy, I did get angry easily...

A few person messaged me in MSN and said how selfish I was, though I do believe now that at that time, they were just being mischievous, but at that time, I was hungry, thus I was pissed.

Apologies to them if they never intended harm..

But, as a conclusion, the phrase applies to me as well...

PS: Since it's not good to be an angry person, I shall not be hungry anymore.. hehe... (good excuse~!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delayed Posts~!

I can't believe I didn't blogged for 2 weeks!!! TWO WEEKS~!!!!

Well, what have I been doing? Possibly I've been busy preparing for an audition (not for joking..) as well as lots of uni homework... gonna come to an end soon, thus the reason for the piling homework.. besides that, life's been great for me.. though I'm not sure whether it's cause I have emo-ed lesser or cause I've been occupied with workload, thus no emo-ing time.. but I do believe it's because of a Discipleship Training "thingy" I've been attending in church.. somehow or other, it's helping me to control my emotions..

Back to the topic.. I've delayed 3 important posts about 3 important days.. so I shall keep you all updated here..

1. Palm Sunday - The Sunday just before the Crucifixion, ie, the Sunday before Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Why is it Palm? It's due to the reason that in one of the gospels, it was mentioned that people welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem using palm and robes... So what's so special about this Palm Sunday for me? I have inherited my skills of folding Palm Crosses to the youths.. yeah, through Faith Youth..

2. Good Friday - The Friday night when Jesus was crucified. For last year's Good Friday, I was involved as a "keh leh feh" (side actors) in a drama in church. This year, I was also involved in a drama, playing an important role, in also, a side way.. I voiced Jesus.. Well, I never thought I'd get this chance to do this important role as my voice was never deep and steady.. Yet, I was glad I had this chance to do so.. though I had to thank Ah Seng for some minor part... hehe... Well, new experience for me.. and though it was a solemn night, it meant lots to me..

3. Easter Sunday - The resurrection!!! No rabbits, No eggs, It's all about Christ~! Normal combined English service, plus a celebration at Carl's after that!!!

That's all about it.. what other big things happened?
Well, I'll update a major happening from the Easter Sunday until now, with pictures from my phone.. in the next post as I believe this post is boring everyone..

PS: Thanks for your time, to appreciate your time reading this lengthy post, I shall disclose to you my current status,

I'm still single... for those who are wondering.. :) And if you find this not worth scrolling down for, hope this will compensate for it.. a new post in my tag blog.. vlyztag.blogspot.com...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

I'm back, not with the palm or easter or post easter posts.. but with something rather random..

Today's.... CINCO DE MAYO~!

Well, I never knew what it was till I visited www.yahoo.com and saw that there is some special event going on with mexicans~! Since the Swine flu is being discussed almost everywhere, and that most of them said it originated in Mexico, thus Mexico is now a famous country known for Swine Flu.. But we should not just think of Mexico when we think of Swine flu, but I believe we should know Mexico for something else, thus I shall introduce you to Cinco De Mayo~!

According to wikipedia....

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a regional holiday in Mexico, primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla, with some limited recognition in other parts of Mexico.[1][2] The holiday commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely defeat of French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín.[3][4]

What do people usually do? It was written, food, music, folkloring dance... Well, quite typical for a celebration.. Nevertheless, we should enjoy Cinco de Mayo as well by splashing people on their faces with MAYO~!

1. It's only celebrated on 5th May, thus I shall splash people with Mayo next year.. beware...
2. Swine flu is known as selsema babi in Malay... (Pig Flu)...
3. There's injustice and unfairness in this world so that people can exercise justice and fairness... (something unfortunate happened that led me to think of that...)

Friday, May 1, 2009




PS: yay~!