Wednesday, December 23, 2009

While = 6 months..

In the previous post, I did mention that I'll be back in a while.. and it really seems that "a while" is actually a full 6 month period... And I do bet that not many actually would anticipate me blogging at this time of the year.. Most probably most of this blog's readers have already abandoned following this blog... So if YOU are actually reading this, I salute you... and would like to honor you with a "faithful blog follower" badge.... just that the badge never existed.. XD

I've recently visited Ayer Tawar and the surrounding attractions (including Pangkor Island).. courtesy of Tracy Wong.. and I must say it was a great trip.. Reason? Food? Attractions? People?

Yes, the food was fantastic, attractions were interesting, people were great.. but those are not the main reason.. Main reason lies within an anime that I like a lot called "Honey and Clover".. It's a great anime about the lives of several arts students and their perceptions on life and adolescence's greatest ordeal - love..

In the anime itself, a character named Takemoto set off on a journey to discover himself by cycling around Japan.. though it sounds ridiculous, I somehow felt that I was going through the same thing as I travelled to Ayer Tawar.. none of my companions knew what I was thinking, yet the thoughts kept racing.. What is the next thing in my life? What's my calling? What's my purpose? How come there's this deep desire of wanting to go away for a set period of time.. Away from people I know, away from places I knew? Am I running away from something?

With all those thoughts, I do discover that I'm very alike the anime character Takemoto at that time.. though I'm not cycling around M'sia on a bike, but I was definitely desperate for a trip to a new place, away from the norm.. And as I ended the trip.. I realized I have not yet discovered myself..

On 23rd December 2009, I watched the last 2 episodes of the anime for season 1.. and it was all about Takemoto returning back.. without discovering himself also.. but in the anime, a quote struck me deeply.. so deep that I think my answer is found there as well..

" I realized I ran away so that I can cherish the things I have been having while I wasn't away"...

Monday, August 17, 2009


I'll be back.. soon..
new post at here...

Sunday, July 5, 2009


First of all, I would like to apologize for leaving this blog unmaintained for almost a month's time. Inspiration has been lacking recently, and crap (I mean meaningless words.. not the physical ones..) that was generated recently was too lame to be published here.. Nevertheless, I've returned with a new post, Lol~!!

For those who are not new to the world of internet and instant messaging systems, LOL will definitely be part of their dictionary. From kids who just started exploring the wonder of short english language words, to older people who are curious about what the youngsters are using in conversation, LOL will somehow or other be one of the basic short forms to learn.

What is LOL? To many, it's a short form used when a joke is given (those who never knew the meaning), but to the short form literate ones, it is Lough Out Loud. However, this blog will uncover a new meaning to LOL - Lack Of Love..

What is Lack of Love? Lacking of love is going to be defined as the situation or condition where a person feels not appreciated enough, or not having enough care in their lives. These people will tend to get emotional over small little things, and usually will cry alone at home..

Such people, is me. I've been in a condition where I feel I lack love.. for many many years..
Where can I get it? Family? Close Friends? Friends? Relatives? Even "girlfriend?" I've tried most of it, except the last one, though I've been so desperate for a girlfriend, I ended up looking like a geek/freak~! But, endless search for love has left me lacking more and more, till a point, I wonder, I was made not to be loved.. I should just live a robot life, where I go to work, earn money, stay alive, get married to pass on my family line, and die. People are just planned to do stuff that way.

I was almost conned into believing that fact till one day, I discovered a love, that is so abundant, that it can totally eliminate this lack that I have. A love, that is so great, but different from any other love in the world. A love that is so unique, yet is common to everyone. The Love of God...

(there shall be part 2...)

PS: Suddenly thought of the LOL = Lack of Love definition... which is why I'm blogging stuffs like this.. i do think a lot when i drive...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Joshua Chong is coming out~!

Well, when Keegan was born, I had a blog post dedicated to him, and his proud parents, Uncle Nickson and Aunty Chanel... Now that Joshua Chong is born, I think it is fair that I have a blog post dedicated to Uncle Desmond and Aunty Flora.. hehe... For Keegan, i made a new version of Santa Claus is coming to town, well, for Joshua, I'm gonna change the well-known London Bridge is falling down.. hehe... here goes:

Joshua Chong is coming out,
Coming out, coming out,
Joshua Chong is coming out,
Alert Desmond.

Desmond needs to send Flora,
Send Flora, send flora,
Desmond needs to send Flora,
To hospital.

Joshua Chong is out safely,
Out safely, out safely,
Joshua Chong is out safely,
In hospital.

Congrats to the new parents,
New parents, new parents,
Congrats to the new parents,
Des and Flora.

Well, everything stated in this blog post has no other intention but to congratulate the couple upon the safe arrival of their son. Other interpretation of this blog post, will be due to the fact that you (yes.. you...) think too much.. And I know, I got a lousy music sense, but hey, at least I tried~!

PS: For those interested on the Keegan post, here goes...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Hungry Man is AN Angry Man

Well, I never believed that the phrase "a hungry man is an angry man" applies to everyone, especially me up until yesterday night...

Well, I have planned to skip dinner.. yes, Victor Lee is skipping dinner, due to the numerous approaches by different people telling me how big my tummy has gotten into..

So, in order to finally try to reduce the size, I have chosen to skip dinner... and boy, I did get angry easily...

A few person messaged me in MSN and said how selfish I was, though I do believe now that at that time, they were just being mischievous, but at that time, I was hungry, thus I was pissed.

Apologies to them if they never intended harm..

But, as a conclusion, the phrase applies to me as well...

PS: Since it's not good to be an angry person, I shall not be hungry anymore.. hehe... (good excuse~!)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Delayed Posts~!

I can't believe I didn't blogged for 2 weeks!!! TWO WEEKS~!!!!

Well, what have I been doing? Possibly I've been busy preparing for an audition (not for joking..) as well as lots of uni homework... gonna come to an end soon, thus the reason for the piling homework.. besides that, life's been great for me.. though I'm not sure whether it's cause I have emo-ed lesser or cause I've been occupied with workload, thus no emo-ing time.. but I do believe it's because of a Discipleship Training "thingy" I've been attending in church.. somehow or other, it's helping me to control my emotions..

Back to the topic.. I've delayed 3 important posts about 3 important days.. so I shall keep you all updated here..

1. Palm Sunday - The Sunday just before the Crucifixion, ie, the Sunday before Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Why is it Palm? It's due to the reason that in one of the gospels, it was mentioned that people welcomed Jesus into Jerusalem using palm and robes... So what's so special about this Palm Sunday for me? I have inherited my skills of folding Palm Crosses to the youths.. yeah, through Faith Youth..

2. Good Friday - The Friday night when Jesus was crucified. For last year's Good Friday, I was involved as a "keh leh feh" (side actors) in a drama in church. This year, I was also involved in a drama, playing an important role, in also, a side way.. I voiced Jesus.. Well, I never thought I'd get this chance to do this important role as my voice was never deep and steady.. Yet, I was glad I had this chance to do so.. though I had to thank Ah Seng for some minor part... hehe... Well, new experience for me.. and though it was a solemn night, it meant lots to me..

3. Easter Sunday - The resurrection!!! No rabbits, No eggs, It's all about Christ~! Normal combined English service, plus a celebration at Carl's after that!!!

That's all about it.. what other big things happened?
Well, I'll update a major happening from the Easter Sunday until now, with pictures from my phone.. in the next post as I believe this post is boring everyone..

PS: Thanks for your time, to appreciate your time reading this lengthy post, I shall disclose to you my current status,

I'm still single... for those who are wondering.. :) And if you find this not worth scrolling down for, hope this will compensate for it.. a new post in my tag blog..

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cinco De Mayo

I'm back, not with the palm or easter or post easter posts.. but with something rather random..

Today's.... CINCO DE MAYO~!

Well, I never knew what it was till I visited and saw that there is some special event going on with mexicans~! Since the Swine flu is being discussed almost everywhere, and that most of them said it originated in Mexico, thus Mexico is now a famous country known for Swine Flu.. But we should not just think of Mexico when we think of Swine flu, but I believe we should know Mexico for something else, thus I shall introduce you to Cinco De Mayo~!

According to wikipedia....

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for "fifth of May") is a regional holiday in Mexico, primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla, with some limited recognition in other parts of Mexico.[1][2] The holiday commemorates the Mexican army's unlikely defeat of French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, under the leadership of Mexican General Ignacio Zaragoza Seguín.[3][4]

What do people usually do? It was written, food, music, folkloring dance... Well, quite typical for a celebration.. Nevertheless, we should enjoy Cinco de Mayo as well by splashing people on their faces with MAYO~!

1. It's only celebrated on 5th May, thus I shall splash people with Mayo next year.. beware...
2. Swine flu is known as selsema babi in Malay... (Pig Flu)...
3. There's injustice and unfairness in this world so that people can exercise justice and fairness... (something unfortunate happened that led me to think of that...)

Friday, May 1, 2009



PS: yay~!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You're Mistaken

This isn't one of the post I owed any of you out there..
I'm not gonna say I won't be posting the posts I owed you..
I'm not gonna post any other new exciting posts, though my life is filled with excitement..

PS: I'm just here to say I'm still alive.. so.. ANTICIPATE~! (after these 2 weeks shall be free-er)

Friday, April 17, 2009


I owe a post on Palm Sunday..

I owe a post on Good Friday..

I owe a post on Easter Sunday..

I owe a cleanup of my room..

I owe a basketball game during my hols..


See for yourself.. the conditions of my room.. during the holidays..

PS: I started mapling again.. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's been a while...

Man.. final year really is taking the toll out of me..

Been busy rushing 2 major reports, the feasibility report of my final year project, and my industrial training report. Yes, it's been months after my training and I am still rushing it. (Ya.. I'm lazy).. thus, my absence from blogging..

I just wanted to say, it's been a great experience serving as a reader for a drama, first time, and enjoyed it! Well, for those who didn't know, last night was good friday, and it's the day Jesus died on the cross.. For more info, ask me, and I shall fill into your shoes about stuffs.. All I can say is, I thank God for this chance to serve in something new..

Time to go get the rest that I needed..

Till then, see ya on easter~!

PS: I'm outta idea again.. will think of more.. and.. i'm lazy as well... hehe

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Back~!

Ok, the last time I blogged, I left you all wondering what's with this "Expectations Kills The Elephants". Before I proceed with the topic, let me present to you all, some random facts.

1. Yesterday was April Fool's Day. People tried fooling me, to no avail, but I did not have any mood to fool anyone. So yeah, another April Fool's wasted.

2. The day before yesterday, was the first anniversary of this blog being active!! So, this blog is officially 1 year old~!

3. Still figuring out what my thesis is all about, eventhough it's already week 5..

4. Have just completed a lab report of 46 pages long.. I dunno how the lecturer's gonna mark it.. hehe.. (good way to pay back to the lecturers..)

5. Gonna enter the final week of lent season soon, which means, this sunday's... PALM SUNDAY~! (will have a post on that!)

6. Check this April Fool's post of last year. You'll discover that there's a lot more celebration on the same day~!

Ok, I bet that's enough of the updates. Back to the topic....

Expectations kills the elephants. This phrase, can be seen in several ways.

1. When you have too high of an expectation on someone, even if that person is as great as an elephant, that person will still die. Imagine this, you see an elephant. You expect it be big and strong. But, always remember, elephants do die. Elephants do become prey to predators. If they are all so mighty and strong, why can't they defend themselves from predators?

(Revised for Rick Sim)

2. When you have too high of an expectation on yourself, you'll go nuts again. Imagine someone who is not an elephant expecting oneself to be an elephant. When one does so, one might try to fight the dog (when one is actually a cat). Result, let your imagination let loose.

3. When both is happening at the same time, disaster is about to strike

PS: And it is finished. This post is finished.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Curiosity Kills the Cat??

Many times we have heard this term, curiosity kills the cat.. But how many of us have deeply pondered upon this phrase? Of course, I believe most of us will think that, if one is too curious about lots of stuff, one will be in trouble. Yes, that is quite true, but let me bring to you a new dimension to the phrase...

In chinese culture, there's a saying that the cat has nine lives. Add this saying to the phrase of discussion, we get to know that, it takes 10 curiosities to actually kill a cat. Thus, it implies that a person who has this curiosity will always have it, and it is hard to change. Thus, curiosity kills the cat.

With that, I will like to add a new phrase to the world, expectation kills the elephant. What do I mean with this phrase? Stay tuned.. will tell ya when I'm not so busy...

PS: Thank God for usher team.. thank God.. It's been a great time serving with you all..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Noodles~! noodles~!

I am bloated with noodles.. had 3 packs of mamee monster... proceeded with 4 packs of maggi mee in mug (small packs.. just add boiling water one.. not the usual maggi mee packets..)

Thus, today's question is.. will I shit threads of noodles?

PS: I really do wonder...

No idea

I'm outta idea so...

Ten Top Trivia Tips about Victor Lee!

  1. Over half of Americans are officially Victor Lee.
  2. Without its lining of Victor Lee, your stomach would digest itself.
  3. Grapes explode if you put them inside Victor Lee.
  4. All of the roles in Shakespeare's plays - including the female roles - were originally played by Victor Lee.
  5. Pacman was originally called Victor Leeman!
  6. Only 55 percent of Americans know that the sun is made of Victor Lee.
  7. Olympic badminton rules say that Victor Lee must have exactly fourteen feathers.
  8. Victor Lee is the traditional gift for a couple on their third wedding anniversary!
  9. In 1982 Time Magazine named Victor Lee its 'Man of the Year'!
  10. If your ear itches, this means that someone is talking about Victor Lee!
I am interested in - do tell me about

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Final Fantasy VIII Music - Eyes On Me

In this blog post, I am going to let you all into my world for a while.. First of all, eyes on me is my favorite song ever!!!! Probably because I felt the love story within the game FFVIII, especially with such a nice love song... And I just realized, 4 other songs were used in the game based on this song.. thus I have took the chance to share it here... (i dont know how to post in a single post, thus 5 posts...)

Story is simple, Squall (main character-guy) meets rinoa (main character-girl) and develops chemistry and love. For more info... leave a comment and I'll get back to you with the full story... till then.. tata

PS: No PS this time..

Final Fantasy VIII Music - Waltz For The Moon

This song is used when squall and rinoa first met at a dance party (some sort of prom night...). As squall just graduated, he was forced to attend this party.. and at this party, love at first sight occured... nice song.

Final Fantasy VIII Music - Julia

This song is a song not really related to squall and rinoa, but to two other lovebirds, laguna and julia. Laguna is an army that always visits this lounge to listen to Julia play this song on the piano.. they almost developed something until Laguna was called to the frontline, and was lost during a battle.. the song eyes on me is said to have originated from julia (in this game)

Final Fantasy VIII Music - Love Grows

This is the song at the background whenever there are scenes of events that triggers the feelings between them, sweet moments, or when squall sacrificially saves rinoa..

Final Fantasy VIII Music - My Mind

This is the song that plays at the background whenever Squall or Rinoa thinks of each other, or when they have doubt if the other party likes them or not... sweet song..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Blossoming Flower~!

I'm not gonna say anything about how flowers blossom, nor am I gonna post any pictures of blossoming flowers... I'm here to say.. I am suffering a diarrhoea.. and there's flowers blossoming from my bottom... (hakka translation.. si fut hoi fa~!)

And when you try to water this plant, it feels extremely painful..

Thus, I have a question, if the soil had feelings, when you water a dry soil.. will it feel pain too??

PS : End of this disgusting and appetite losing post..

Friday, March 13, 2009

All about 13!!!

Well, to some, you might be aware that 13 is an unlucky number, but to others, it's just a number after 12 and before 14..

So what's with the fuss about 13?

I came across this interesting article...

Peace out..

PS: Peace out again...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HW mode

Recently, I've been chasing Gundam 00 Season 2 from , and I must say, I am LIKING it~!!

Well, I've finally completed my collection of 4 gundams from season 1!!!

Now, since there's nothing else to do but to wait for another 20 minute + show that will only be uploaded in a week's time, I think I will be in HW mode...

PS: Not many know what HW is.. but, it's something like TA in gundam.. if you get it...

Monday, March 2, 2009

Lee-gally Lamer Awards!!!

If you haven't noticed yet, this blog post will be the 100th blog post for this Leisure Lounge, and it marks a very important milestone for me, Victor Lee, as the General Manager of this Lounge. Thus, in order to commemorate this meaningful post, I have come up with...

The Lee-gally Lamer Awards!!!

Oh yeah, it's something like Grammy Awards, but instead of giving credits to movies, this award is to give credits to comments on this blog. This is how it goes, I have personally chosen nominations for each category and 5 judges, Bernard (my eldest brother), Jasmine, Jovina, Wayne, Fui Man, will choose the best from the nominations. In a case of a tie, I will have the odd judge to revote. Before I proceed with this evening, (or morning if you're reading it anytime besides evening).. I will have to say that, Awards Winners can only get a name on my blog, but not a real physical award as I'm still a student. Nevertheless, I hope you're honored.

Without delaying it any further, I will first announce two person that I want to acknowledge in this post. They are Anastacio Soberbo and Lc. I'm acknowledging them for being special commenters of this blog (both from Portugal).

Moving on with tonight, I will first announce the winners of awards that are based on facts, and require no judging.

Most Commented Post : 4th_April (at 10 comments)

Shortest Comment : Jovina on Of Bf and Gf

Longest Comment : =.= (aka Chiew MH) on Power Soccer!!

Most Comments by a Person : Titus Tang (at 36 comments to date)

Alright, Adele came in quite close at 2nd place for the Most Comment award at 25 comments, while 3rd place is shared between Bea and rick-ism at 17 comments each. Now, we come to the fun part!! For the rest of the awards, I'm only going to link the winner, not the nominated ones. However, the related posts will be linked for your convenience to refer to (I don't have a video of all nominations...)

Most Informative Comment : Shaneil Devaser on Crossroads

Most Unexpected Comment : Adele on Cheated~!

Most Encouraging Comment : garrylin on Failure

Most Meaningful Comment : Titus Tang on Noob

Most Creative Comment : Titus Tang on What Can I Say???

Most Lame Comment : TL on Update 1 of 3

Best Comment by a Male : Titus Tang on The Longest Weekend

Best Comment by a Female : Adele on Experience

And now, for the finale of tonight, the Best of the Best award!! This award is for the Best comment from all of the nominations, regardless of the category!

And.. the award goes to....

(drums rolls....)

(cymbals sound....)

(people calls out for their favorite....)


Best of the Best Award : Posted on Noob.. by Titus Tang~!!!!

With that, Titus Tang is the best commenter of this blog, raking 5 out of 12 awards offered!!!
Thanks for the time, and if I am as wacky as today in the future, see you again~!!

PS: This post took me a week~!!!! A special thanks to all the judges.. If you want to see who else got nominated for the respective category, and what are the vote outcomes from the judges, let me know.. haha


This is the 99th post. In cantonese, kao kao (99) means something that is very kaw.. (how do I put this, very dense, very concentrated)..

Thus, I will use this post to say sorry for whatever bad things I've said or whatever bad things I've done as recently, my emotions are down 99.

I will want to thank everyone 99 also for all the prayers and support for all these years...

I will also want to thank God 99 for every happening and blessing in my life.

Last but not least, I want to apologize once again if I have hurt you in any ways, cause like I said, I want to say sorry 99.

PS: I am not emo now (in a sense moody.. ) as If I were, I wouldn't have been able to insert 99 into every sentence I'm typing. But do not get me wrong, I do apologize 99 and say thanks 99 sincerely from my heart. You should at least know who you are (if it applies to you) though you might not feel it 99.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


Lent season is back!!!

For those not knowing what is lent, I will once again obtain wikipedia's help..

"Lent, in some Christian denominations, is the forty-day-long liturgical season of fasting and prayer before Easter.[1] The forty days represent the time Jesus spent in the desert, where according to the Bible he endured temptation by Satan."

taken from here.

Thus, this lent season, I'm gonna fast as well.. but I'm not gonna reveal what I'm fasting here.. if you wanna know, ask me in person.. haha... and oh.. fasting doesn't mean skipping meals only.. you can fast whatever you want.. movie ka.. tv programme ka.. even msn!!!

I did have the thought of fast blogging or fast msn.. but.. I will keep it as a thought only... haha..

And I started my lent season by enduring pain... real pain.. I went to the dentist.. (I'm ok with dentist.. and I don't usually find that mending my teeth will be painful...)

I did a scaling at the dentist.. and for the first time in my life, when she actually cut my gum.. (which resulted in bleeding of course)... tears dropped.. while I was being attended to... Pain was up to that point... Now.. I can't eat lots of food due to the pain I'm feeling..

So I guess it's a good experience, getting scaling on the first day of lent.. as.. after getting it.. I don't feel like eating at all.. :)

PS: I need to learn grammar and structures again.. my sentences are in a mess.. or should I learn how to organize my thoughts again.. Sienneska... Oh.. I updated my tag blog again.. courtesy of Rick Sim.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


For those who hates emo posts, or are expecting a rather joyous post, skip this blog post.

I'm not gonna blog about what's happening with me or what's the thing that is making me act exactly like a spoilt rebellious brat in church during an important Harvest Weekend..

I'm just gonna say thanks to those who are concerned, but seriously, I don't deserve the concern. Save it for someone who deserves it.

Secondly, sorry if I directly, or indirectly annoyed anyone. A public apology to both Pastor Khee Vun and Jon Tse.. sorry for showing a bad example and ruining the first impression for some people during a Harvest Weekend... and sorry for not being hyped though Jon really did a great job. Seriously speaking, he is talented and very good. Better than most of the local artiste..

That's all about my blog post.

Don't ask as I wont tell. If i want to tell, you won't have to ask and you'll still know.

Don't advice, as I have heard tonnes and I know how to give as well. So.. save your time..

Don't encourage, cause if it'll help, it should have taken effect long long time ago...

Do rebuke aka scold. Reason? I don't know... perhaps I deserve it?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Warning.. Long Post...

Ok.. this is going to be a lengthy post, as I am going to cramp lots of stuff in here. If you think you are lazy and am proud to admit that you are lazy.. this is a gist of what is being contained in this post.

1. Origin of Valentine's.
2. Conclusion of Industrial Training.
3. God's Blessing.

Pre post PS: Updated my tag blog again... click on da link on the right if you are interested in it...
and.. it's... NBA ALL STAR WEEKEND~!!!!!

1. Origin of Valentines..

On one sunny morning, when I was supposed to be concentrating on my journey to work.. I did some stupid thinking again... and out of nowhere, a question popped up.. What is Valentine's? Certainly, being a smartass, I thought that it was about a romantic guy in the past called Valentino.. and to remember him and his romantic personality, we have Valentine's day. Thus, I went around greeting people Happy Valentino's Memorial Day.. (so so wrong...).. If you are having the exact same thoughts that I have, you are also so so wrong...

Actualy origin of Valentine's day, according to Wikipedia, is as follows:

Numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine.[4] Until 1969, the Catholic Church formally recognized eleven Valentine's Days. The Valentines honored on February 14 are Valentine of Rome (Valentinus presb. m. Romae) and Valentine of Terni (Valentinus ep. Interamnensis m. Romae).

For more info...

Thus.. it is somewhat another celebration similar to Christmas, where it is supposed to be a Christian celebration, but somehow, was twisted into a rather non Christian celebration!!! (if the wiki is correct..) Quite an eye opener for me though... thus, what better way to celebrate Valentine's day than by attending church? And you are lucky, I just happen to know a church that is having a talk for Valentine's...

2. Conclusion of Industrial Training

Yeah, I know the first was very long already... well I just wanted to take a chance to utilize my blog to thank BlueScope Steel (Malaysia) for having me as an intern. The company rocks my sox~! The hospitality there is good, the safety there is good, the senior engineers there are great~! I actually enjoyed the training so much that I kinda feel sad when I had to leave the company..

3. The Lord blesses his servants..

I am blessed in every little parts of my life.. Seriously, from my trip back to Tawau until now.. The Lord blesses. I am blessed with a nice night view of Tawau the night I came back to KL.. Am blessed with a willing brother who fetched me, blessed with friends who made me not feel homesick.. blessed with finance to finally get the Gundams I wanted.. blessed me with a great company.. blessings just keeps flowing though I have been a bad bad boy.. Thanks God~!

PS: That's it... More to come.. Seriously..

Friday, February 13, 2009


As promised.. here are the pictures...

For those wondering, it's a Gundam that I have longed for.. I wanted 4.. and that's the first of four... haha...

Sorry if I have made you thought that I'm in a relationship.... grats if you have guessed that it's a thing and not a person..

PS: In future.. I won't play on this kind of thing anymore.. I promise the next post of the same kind will really be for my future gf.. hehe...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


PS: Gonna post da pic real soon.. really soon.... but I gotta post something about me here first...

Not PS:

Recently, i don't know if I'm growing, or is it I'm becoming a terrible person. I get angry at small matters, and sometimes I'm so angry and frustrated, I not only curse but I throw stuffs around.. Is this a sign of me growing up?? (monkeys naturally grow to become more aggressive..) Or is this a sign that I'm losing control over myself??

PS: Think before you comment...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pictures Coming Soon

I've taken the picture.. but I have to find a way to transfer them to my comp before I can upload the pretty picture.. meanwhile.. my tag blog has been updated... here

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally, I've Got YOU!!!!

I was mesmerized the first time I see you
I was instantly attracted by your radiant eyes
Eventhough we exists in two different worlds
Still, reality cannot stop me from having you

Conditions have kept me from approaching you
Though my feelings drove me the other way
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, years have passed me by
Yet, I still never gave up waiting for that one moment

In a blink of an eye, two suffering years have passed
Every ticking second, our chances to be together dimmed
But, the Lord has been gracious with us
Finally, I've Got YOU!!!!

PS: I'll post our picture soon... So, please be patient...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

1.31 AM

What do I have to blog at this hour? Nothing much but this pic...

Yeah.. tried accessing it but failed.. Prob existed with my browser or comp only.. quite a random happening, once in a blue moon I see this kind of response.. thus I have thought of blogging about it....

PS: I had a double update.. check da post underneath...

CNY 2009

In the previous post.. I had set for myself goals to achieve while I was back... Thus, in this post.. I shall be reporting of my success rate.. Sadly speaking.. i barely achieve any of it.. Let's have a look at the tasks 1 by 1..

1. I only had 15 wotieks as most of the stalls are not open until Thursday... thus, I failed to achieve both easy target and hard target..

2. Angpau money is not a lot this year, as I ended up at home most of the time.. thus.. I failed again to achieve both easy and hard target..

3. I'm lazy to count, but I believe there's around 40+ angpau only.. making me failing again to reach any goals...

4. I met around 80% of relatives... Thus I have gained my first easy target accomplishment..

5. Let's see... I met and bumped into around 30+ seldom contact peoples.. so I got my second easy target accomplishment..

6. I got my third easy target accomplishment as I was in church for the CNY service..

7. Yamcha-ed at Da Hua 3, Taman Emas.. and.. more??? Dang..... 0 targets reached...

8. No one plays trump in tawau~!! Another big failure..

9. Played basketball for once at Sabah Chinese, while da others were busy having their FCC vs SPC football match... oh yeah.. another easy accomplishment

10. Only met 1 a levels friend.. oh my..

11. I did small portions of dishes on three days.. haha

12. Failed to read daily...

13. only obtained 1 msn contact...

14. Drove on one of da days~!

15. Ate nasi lemak on my trip back to tawau.. man.. it changed.. not as good as last time.. which explains why I didn't have it on my trip to KL..

There you have it.. 0 hard accomplishments.. and 7 out of 15 easy targets achieved... This trip I got quite a lot of rest at home... though I do have quite a great time going out with the Secondary School mates as well as FCC-ians.. wahaha.. you guys rocks~!

PS: Played lots of Big 2 though.. haha

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I'm going back Tawau in 16 hours~!!!

The last time I went back, I practically had no idea what to do there for 3 months, but that ain't gonna happen this time around.. This time, I'm only going to be back 6 days, 5 nights, 120 hours, 7200 minutes, 432000 seconds!!!

(alright, I know when I reached the minutes count, I got pretty ridiculous.. as.. I can't be that certain about the number of minutes.. but hey.. let me enjoy some maths... :P)

Thus, with so little time this time around, I gonna utilize it as much as I can... To ensure I will do so.. I have come up with a task list... and I shall post it here.. to remind myself of it..

Achievements to be achieved:

1. Eat 50 wotieks.. (in total)
2. Get RM1500 in angpau (total)
3. Total of 50 angpaus...
4. Meet 80% of relatives.. (that will amount to hundreds.. my family is big...)
5. Meet 25 seldom contact friends...
6. Go to church at least once..
7. Go to 5 different places to yamcha..
8. Played 3 hours worth of trump...
9. Played basketball at least once..
10. Meet with at least 5 friends from each of the following friend group: church fren, secondary school fren, a level fren.
11. Helped with chores in three of six days..
12. Read bible once everyday..
13. Get 5 new msn contacts..
14. Drive once..
15. Eat air asia nasi lemak once..

Achievements that I thought is hard to achieve but I managed to achieve it:

1. Eat 100 ++ wotieks.. (in total)
2. Get RM2000 ++ in angpau (total)
3. Total of 100 angpaus or more..
4. Meet 90% of relatives..
5. Meet 50 ++ seldom contact friends..
6. Go to church at least three times..
7. Go to 10 different places to yamcha...
8. Played 6 hours worth of trump...
9. Played basketball at least twice..
10. Meet with at least 10 friends from the following friend group: church fren, secondary school fren, a level fren
11. Helped with chores everyday..
12. Read bible thrice everyday...
13. Get 10 new msn contacts..
14. Drive twice
15. Eat air asia nasi lemak twice..

That should be it.. 15 missions.. if any of you thought of some good ones. leave it at comment and I'll consider trying to fulfill them.. haha

anyway... the CEO of Victor's Leisure Lounge would like to represent all staff to wish all readers,


PS: If you get the 34.50.. u get the 34.50.. if u don't get.. leave a comment.. i'll explain on next post..

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valentine's day

Valentine's coming.. and it falls on a Saturday (according to someone.. I haven't checked yet)...

Well, for those who are coupled, I bet they already have their plans..

But for me.. I will search for the lost loved one since today...

I lost my beloved watch that followed me since Form 4...

I do hope to find it back asap... though the chances are minimal....

Story: Went to basketball with it when I am half conscious... removed it at basketball court.. had a faint memory of putting it in the bag.. played basketball, reached home, tried finding it in bag.. NOT THERE~!! next thing you know, you can't find it anywhere~!!

I miss my watch...

Monday, January 19, 2009


I've been struggling with diarrhoea and fatigue these few days... breaking my own personal record of crapping... recording 13 craps in 3 days... and an additional 3 today.. man... I'm really crapping my intestines out~!

And it's like a week before chinese new year~!

Anyway.. I don't really have the chinese new year feel this year.. perhaps due to my sickness.. but I wil be back to Tawau for 5 days ++...

Back to da reason I'm blogging... I've noticed nowadays that I'm no superman... A sickness and I'm out cold... man.. I'm really aging....

PS: I'm out of blogging ideas.. I had lots while I drive, once I reach home, my mind goes blank...

Monday, January 12, 2009


I've done lots of things for the first time this year..

For the first time, I have been the usher leader for a wedding...

For the first time, I have been a godfather for a person...

For the first time, I have been playing zombie killing games...

Thus, I shall anticipate more firsts...

Anyway, a last call for volunteers.. Anyone can volunteer to help maintain a forum if there will be an english version of the FCC forum? I can't commit.. but I can help start it up.. Anyone willing to help maintain? Please please let me know. If there is stil no volunteers, I will no longer start the english version...

PS: Shall I also have another first? After struggling for 3 years.. is this the year? Or have my calling completely changed? I thought these 3 years was an attitude learning experience? To learn humility? But now, has my calling changed completely? o.O

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year~!

8 days since the world changed their calendar to a new calendar..

Well, I normally would have lots to say, but working and serving in lots of events and ministries has really made me old.. up to a point, my brain can't squeeze any sarcasm into this blog for any of you to enjoy..

I'm struggling.. as I need to figure out how to go through this year... i'm gonna get more and more commitments in church.. and i'm in my final year.. thesis.. so important.. I'm really struggling to find the right balance when both side demands lots from me..

Furthermore, there's something I've wanted to do for the past three years but failed.. when I finally thought this is the year.. well... with such hectic schedule... oh no man...

So what should I do?

Pray? That I know..

I really hope to be able to do what I wanted to do all these years.. is it my dream or God's calling? is it my own selfishness or is it God's guidance? I really have struggled.. whenever I wanted to give up, God gave me signs and signals.. whenever i wanted to pursue it, challenges wont stop coming... oh yeah..

PS: This is not an emo post... this is just me with nothing to blog about... and I wanted to tell you now that I've finally completed one of my new year's resolution.... to keep you reader reading this posts for at least 5 minutes... CHECKED~!

Monday, January 5, 2009


Without further delay.. let me review my 2008 in this post.... stuffs I've done with the help of God throughout the year...

* My Brother's Wedding was in 2008..
* Got quite close with a girl, then got very far with the girl again.. and cried like mad..
* Ushered in countless weddings...
* Lost my scholarship and regained it...
* Gotten more involved in usher team...
* Ventured to new places that I'll never venture to unless is a need...
* Helped as a "brother" for the first time for a wedding....
* Gotten into an industrial training job..
* Acted in a drama on easter and helped as backstage on christmas..
* Witnessed the sanctification of a new church building first hand...
* Transferred my membership to FCC and witnessed a council election...
* Gotten to know lots of new friends...
* Started this blog...

There.. that should be the gist of it.. but I will continuously update this post as I have forgotten lots more events... In a nutshell, it's a year full of ups and downs... and I thank God for everything that has happened in it..

PS: Sorry for such a long period of MIA.. I'm back and running.. hopefully.. haha.. and oh ya.. I also gotten lamer and older in 2008.. hope i continuously grow lamer and older la.. haha