Friday, October 31, 2008

St Patrick's

Moving on with my life.. I followed my dad to Tawau as he was transferred yet again. So, I had to bid farewell to all my fellow friends and start making friends yet again...

Upon reaching Tawau, I still went to church, but wasn't as eager... Coming from a rather conventional church that only sings hymns and an occasional comtemporary song.. worshipping in St Patrick's Church is really a challenge to me. First, I was not so accustomed to people singing out loud and raising their voices. What I was used to do is to sing with my heart, in my heart, from my heart. Second, the music was so loud and fast, unlike those of the hymns.. I actually grew disgusted with the church. I refused to go to church at the first few months, but was in the end attending it due to the fact that some of my Sandakan friends are there. 

After being a silent attender who had no idea why I was there at all for a year, I was invited to join a DISC course conducted in a cell group... That was when i started going back to church... but I attended cell group just as a silent member.. enjoying the fellowship at times... it was still led by nora pang at that time.. haha...

The same year, there was a camp at the end of the year.. my mother out of nowhere kept asking me to join it.. well, knowing my mom, she would rather have me study at home... but.. yeah... I was having thoughts about it for quite a long time, as I have never left home before... and have never joined a camp before...

I still remember I was still thinking until the dateline of submission of form.. that time Rev David Wong was in charge, and boy.. he seemed like a very strict and fierce pastor.. haha.. So I was kinda scared when I submitted it on the dateline itself.. but it was good.. Once he know I'm David's brother, we automatically become "kaki-nang" (teochew term)...

Thus, joining the first camp there, was an amazing experience... Became a group leader the first camp I joined.. and was even selected as Best Camper for that year.. (perhaps they ran out of candidate..) then the following year, was given the chance to serve yet again as intern for a cell group.. there I learnt a lot about the basics of christianity.. and why we are worshipping God.. my life was utterly changed from that camp and that year itself.. Involved in events after events, I am just glad that the Lord included me in His plans.. After helping out the dive, I even got the chance to be the gamemaster of the first english diocesan youth camp.. (restarted the camp..).. well, I really learnt a lot from that experience, and Nickson did taught me alot when I'm under him.. thank God for him.. really a faithful servant..

I also got to understand the kind of rebellion some people might have towards church, as I myself experienced it before and have broken through it myself.. This experience of rebellion, is not good, but it does make me grow some way or another.. and I thank God for that...

Other than that, I got to know lots and lots of new friends there.. or should I say, brothers and sisters.. Suddenly, I finished alevels...

PS: I also started going out yamcha sessions after I ended up serving.. haha.... good or bad? I should say good.. yamcha is GGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

St Michael's

1 year spent in Labuan, I have to kiss the cheap liquor and chocs good bye... but I didn't end up in someplace that is terrible.. In fact, I ended at the Sabah food city.. or also known as Nature City, Sandakan..

Landing in Sandakan, I wanted to thank God for my parents for bringing me to Sunday School in St Michael's. After 1 year not attending church at all, I do admit I missed the sunday morning cartoons as well as sleep a lot.. (service starts at 7 am!!)

After sometime, I got friends in the church and started to develop the habit of not missing the church service.. (which is something I thank God for, you'll see why in next posts...) I attended Sunday School till Form 3.. haha.. yes.. Form 3.. but I want to thank God as I developed skills to lead people, as well as guitar skills due to Sunday School... They needed a guitarist, thus I was asked to be under training.. I also was exposed to dancing and acting at that time.. which I do enjoy and never regretted until now.. haha

I also was confirmed in St Michael's when I was 12 years old. Did not understand the meaning at that time, but I went cause all my friends are going for it.. And boy, it wasn't easy. We had to memorize the communion booklet.. not just the Lord's Prayer, but almost everything in it.. Am grateful that I had to do so.. cause knowing me.. if i was offered not to do so.. I would not.. haha..

Oh ya.. my first exposure to cell group was also in St Michael's.. I had to choose between Boys Brigade (BB) and Youth Cell (YC) at that time, and I actually chose the first. Only till the second meeting, I chose the latter, cause I hate discipline.. haha

On my first YC meeting, I was asked to be an intern for that YC itself.. yes.. but I was lazy, and never attended training or meeting at that time, as I was still unclear what an intern is all about... My YC years are good.. I still remember meeting at a place with no air cond, with no tiled floor, with no chairs.. but we just meet and sang... without guitar.. and it was enjoyable.. though we were not in a comfortable place, we enjoyed.. sometimes makes me ponder whether all this comfort is giving excuses for people not to appreciate the comfort they are receiving nowadays.. hm..

I also had my first carolling.. and it was great.. going from houses to houses to sing.. until midnight.. was just a fantastic experience for me..In a nutshell, St Michael's is the church where I experience a lot of "firsts".

PS: Last year's camp was at st mike's as well, and I also had a first.. in a sense.. at the same church.. first time slaugthering a chicken and scaling a fish!!! haha.. and I share the same birthday with St Mike.. haha!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

St Paul's

Alright, for those who have been in KL long enough and are driving, I bet you know where St Paul's is. It's located at one of the exits from Federal Highway, heading towards the notorious food haven SS2.

How did I get to this church? My parents drove me of course!! Well, I can vaguely remember parts and parcels of this church, as I was still a kindergartner that time.. and all I ever participated was the Sunday School conducted by them. If you think Sunday Schools have no impact in lives, you're very wrong.

I still remember I was one of the naughty ones around, and I do believe the teachers took quite a lot of effort "taming" me.. Yeah, but the foundation has been laid. I know who Moses is, as well as other main characters in bible, though only as Ultraman and Superman of bible.. Yeah, for me, they are just a character of a story at that time.. But I do thank God for this church as well as for the guidance to this church. If not, I would not have had this sense of going to church rooted in me. It's really important that when we are still infants as well as kids, we are accustomed to going church, as this will somehow have impact later in life.

Not long later, I moved to Labuan and only went to church twice, Christmas and Easter... and now I regret not going church that time, as I missed the chance to know Theodore Kong earlier in life.. well, God has his plans.. haha

PS: Faith Kids is a VERY important ministry in church in which though the contribution looked small, impact is big. Thus, if you are reading this and have a burden in your heart, don't hesitate too long. There's always a constant need for lives to be impacted, either good or bad...

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've suddenly came up with an idea to share about my life, in particular, my christian life. Most of you might know me for who I am, but not knowing the history of how the Lord led me. Thus, in the following few blog posts, I'm gonna tell in detail happenings that affected me in various churches I've been in. This blog posts will generally give you an idea of the general timeline.

Let's see, the first church I've been in is St Michael's, Sandakan. I'm born in Sandakan, and I was baptised when I was just 3 years of age.. Later in my years, I've proceeded to move to KL as my dad was transferred to KL..

In KL, I attended a church called St Paul's, which is in SS2.. (that time no FCC yet..) I was just a kid at that time, and when I barely knew anything about Jesus, I've moved to Labuan... Sadly speaking, I didn't really attend church in Labuan as I got myself drunk all the time with no duty wine... (yeah right... if you believed that... tsk tsk tsk...)

Then, I moved to Sandakan and I started going back to church.. in fact, St Michael's church... that's where I was confirmed, and I got to start to be a part of a church... Not long after, I moved to St Patrick's in Tawau and started to learn more in depth about Christianity..

Last but not least, I went to Faith Christian Center, where I learnt and matured up the most. Growing rapidly in these 3 years is really a blessing from the Lord.. which I could never imagine that I actually did so..

That's all for this posts.. anticipate the next chapter of this series.. oh yeah.. I don't have any particular preference of any churches.. haha

Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 Random Facts Revealed

So, I guess no one can get all ten correct.. haha..
Oh yeah, I've saved my own wallet.. haha
Here goes.. haha

1. I'm studying Mechatronics Engineering in Monash University Sunway Campus.. haha

2. I love slam dunk, especially Mitsui (no 14).. haha

3. I drive a light blue Inokom Matrix.. haha

4. I'm born in a city called Sandakan which is in Sabah.. haha

5. I have a huge collection of Gundam (more than a dozen) in TAWAU.. haha

6. I love the side characters of Final Fantasy VIII, IX, X, XII.. (that makes Zell, Steiner, Wakka and Balthier).. haha

7. I have 0 guitars. All belonged to my brother.. haha

8. I am baptized and confirmed in The Parish of St Michael and All Angels.. haha

9. I have used one number before, 019 (i'm still using my 016..).. haha

10. I am straight.. haha

There you have it.. ten random and true facts about me.. and I shall end this sentence just like how I ended the previous ones.. with a big HAHA!!

10 random facts

I've finally gotten to the point of siennesz to post 10 random facts about myself.

Of course, none of you would like to know about me.. so.. instead of putting all 10 random facts that are correct, all the facts have some errors in it...

can you spot the not??

1. I'm studying Mechanical Engineering in Monash University.
2. I love slam dunk, especially sakuragi hanamichi..
3. I drive a red Hyundai Matrix.
4. I'm born in a small city called Tawau which is in Sabah.
5. I have a huge collection of Gundam beside my bed now.
6. I love all the main characters of all Final Fantasy series.
7. I have 2 guitars, 1 acoustic, 1 classical.
8. I am baptised in St Michael's and confirmed in St Patrick's.
9. I have used three numbers before, 019, 012, and now 016.
10. I am gay.

PS: answers will be out soon. what's the fun if no one's trying to guess right. to the person who can correct all 10 questions and reply here, all correctly, i shall treat u with a reward.. that can satisfy ur stomach.. haha

anyway, question ten is quite obvious... =.=

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I'm supposed to post about another update... my Melaka trip... but I have yet to get the pics..

I'm supposed to blog about Shaneil's house blessing, but I'm lazy to grab the photos as well..

I'm also supposed to add something interesting into this blog.. in which I'm still thinking..

So, I hereby announce, there'll be delays in the operation of this lounge..

PS: Yes, I did this short post just to waste your time.. and get more people to read this blog. haha

Monday, October 20, 2008


MR2+ finale... was a great nite itself... I'm not going to tell you what happened so that you will regret for not going~! (yes.. I'm bad..)..

Well, here I just want to thank everyone who helped out as ushers.. Cause without you all, I'm dead meat.. Also thanks to everyone who helped to plan as well as gather people up.. really appreciated all your help.. (you know if you did helped~!)..

Also thanks to everyone who made the night a blast...

And most importantly, thank God for His help and encouragement.. Yeah babe..

Thanks, thanks and thanks..

PS: I'm ID again.. yeah...

Friday, October 17, 2008

Waste of Materials

Well, throughout this semester, I've learned a lot in the labs... but I seriously have improved in my soldering skills..

Why so??

See for yourself..

For those who don't realize it, it's my name soldered on the board.!!

I am really wasting Monash resources....

PS: For those who want a message soldered, leave me a message and prepare me the materials. FOC if materials are supplied. If not, I shall charge.. hehe

Btw, another one of the masterpiece I've created due to my siennezs in lab...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rumah Joseph..

On one very boring day, I used my site trackers to check to see whether there are any internationals visiting my blog.... I'll be glad if I saw one or two... but not as glad as this discovery...

Amazed at it, being an engineer, I went to the lengths to discover the truth... using google maps.. Behold..

Dude.. which country in this world will name a place after a person's house?? Welcome to Malaysia..

Monday, October 13, 2008

Updates 2 of 3

Sorry for all the delay.. was rushing a report.. had 3 slightly sleep deprived nights... slightly as i still did sleep...

Anyway, second update's gonna be...


( Warning: For those who forgot.. No need send me sms or message la.. It's too late to apologize ~~~It's too late~~~~ forgot who sing this song.. haha.. )

Anyway, this year's birthday is rather special as it marks my numerical transition from a youth to an adult. Yeah babe, I'm 21~~!!!! Casino and pubs.. wahahahaha....

Neway, this shall be a lengthy one.. to show how the Lord blessed me.. wahaha... Shall start with the general ones, in the form of a song...

On the first hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

1 surprise party for me..

On the second hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

3 blogspot posts, and a surprise party for me..

On the third hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

5 friendster wishes, 3 blogspot posts for me and a surprise party for me..

On the fourth hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

30 smses, 5 friendster wishes, 3 blogspot posts and a surprise party for me...

On the fifth hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

36 facebook wall posts, 30 smses, 5 friendster wishes, 3 blogspot posts and a surprise party for me..

On the sixth hour of birthday my true friends sent to me..

Tonnes of wishes, 36 facebook wall posts, 30 smses, 5 friendster wishes, 3 blogspot posts and A SURPRISE PARTY FOR ME~~!!

(caps it so u know it's da ending)..

Yeah.. thanks loads to everyone who sent all the greetings and wishes.. thanks man~!

Special events happened. Prior to my birthday itself, my parents brought me out for a dinner. Simple dinner at a simple restaurant located nearby house. However, when we got there, there was a performer there, singing and entertaining the guests there. Boy, is he GOOD~!! Then my dad, being wacky and all (now i know why me and my brothers are all jokers..) requested a birthday song... Thus, I got a free ice cream from the restaurant itself... (shall write a review on that restaurant sometime soon.. called BibiChik)..
My dad handsome leh.... now you know why we three siblings are handsome also.. haha
This guy is GOOD~!!!!

I really enjoy the night itself, as I don't really get to spend much time with them. And I really do have to thank God for them. Sometimes when I forgot how the Lord loves us, I just look at them, and I can see the type of Godly love projected by them. So, they are great.. wahaha... great parents~!!!

Then, I get to meet my best bud from sdk.. though not in a very good way, but at least, i got to meet him and had a chat with him. Really along time since i looked for my buddy.. If the Lord did not arrange, I might have even forgotten of him... Me bad...

My birthday was a normal monday.. with lectures and all.. and night time I went for prayer meeting.... Just when it ended, I received an official business call.. (some classmates call me la..).. thus i went to talk at the porch... when I stepped back in.. they are all prepared with the party dy.. Shiok des ka... Got surprised.. but I must apologize that my reactions can't be more.. cause.. I'm not trained to react accordingly to surprises.. haha.. Neway, credits to da organizers.. My twu best bud Jpang, Dele and Jov.. (if i left out any.. not my fault.. their fault.. for not letting me know!!) Somemore.. my car was taped.. with a big "Happy Birthday" sign.. so big.. I really have to give credit to the rascals who did this.. hehe

My Mom's Car!!!! (hehe...)

After that, I received a present from the Lord.!! What is it? Stay tuned for the third update.. haha

PS: For those who noticed, it's a christmas song. For those who noticed.. it should be a marriage course on monday night.. not a prayer meeting.. (If you're from FCC and u didnt notice that.. tsk tsk tsk....). Special PS for timlim.. i know you have a part to play bah.. haha...purposely leave u out first.. hehe

Friday, October 10, 2008

Of Bf and Gf

Alright, this is some random things I thought of before i doze off last night.

Consider this statement:

"A girl will always treat a special boy as a boyfriend whereas a boy will only treat a special girl as a girlfriend. If a boy treats another boy as a boyfriend, he is gay."

Now, we know that boyfriend is also known as bf, and girlfriend is also known as gf. Substituting that into the statement will yield:

" A girl will always treat a special boy as a bf whereas a boy will only treat a special girl as a gf. If a boy treats another boy as a bf, he is gay."

Another representation of bf = best friend whereas another representation of gf = good friend. Substituting this to the improved statement will yield:

" A girl will always treat a special boy as a best friend whereas a boy will only treat a special girl as a good friend. If a boy treats another boy as a best friend, he is gay."

Thus, from this study, we know why sometimes in a relationship, the girl puts in more effort. And this also proves why girls can be very close friend (until holding hands) whereas guys will never be that close with one another.

PS: Don't shoot me for this lame post. Just my thoughts.. to prove how lame I am.. haha.. neway, another 2 updates will be up soon. Still waiting for the pics though..

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Update 1 of 3

As promised.. I'll add 3 Grand Updates for this Leisure Lounge's comeback~!

First of all, let me present to you, the new General Manager of this Leisure Lounge.


Yeah, I've gotten a haircut.. I've got no comments on this haircut, why I did it, and what made me do it. Maybe, I've been feeling the heat in my head for a long time.. thus I have chosen a much more windy haircut... Anyway, feel free to drop by any comments or donations regarding this haircut..

PS: For those who noticed, I deleted a post. Reason?? Inappropriate. So, it is deleted. Haha

Sunday, October 5, 2008


i promise that there'll be updates soon.. once i get the pictures.. not one, not two, but THREE updates.. so.. anticipate la..