Saturday, July 26, 2008

Nuclear Reactor

Should we implement nuclear power? This is one of the issues that is still among debates of current world. There were nuclear reactor explosions leaving a large piece of land devastated for decades. However, it is one of the best replacement form of power generator for the future world when fossil fuels are vanishing at the speed of light. So, in today's blog, I shall let you all know how does this nuclear reactor work and what is actually happening in there.

According to, when a neutron strikes a uranium-235 nucleus in the Fuel, sometimes the nucleus will split, or fission, into 2 unequally sized nuclei called fission fragments. They are the major contributor to heat production in the fuel (~80%). This heat gets transmitted to the coolant outside the fuel. Also produced are between 2 and 3 neutrons.

Complicated? I'll better elaborate using a different example. I wrote a blog post called Wave. The wave hits the blogging world and more people starts their own personal blog. Thus, more people are utilizing internet. Produced alongside with this process are 3 other blog post in 3 different blogs related to the blog post called Wave. First, Second, Third.

Yeah, never knew my blog post was so influential..

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Back to Square One

Ah, the wonder of the word accomplishment. It just makes people drool over the sense of being an accomplished person. Well, how do we define accomplishment?

According to this website, accomplishment can be defined as the act of accomplishing or the state of being accomplished; completion. It is also something completed successfully, in other words, achievement. It can also be seen as an acquired skill or expertise, or probably, social poise and grace.

So what about me? I have accomplished lots in my life though I'm at the tender age of 20. I have completed numerous games and challenges, and have acquired some skills and will acquire an expertise in the field of engineering as well. I can also be regarded as a sociable person. So, does that make me a successful person?

I've been thinking, why have I been trying so hard in my life nowadays, trying to balance both my church and my university, without forgetting to squeeze time for my family, and hopefully a new addition to my family as well. Where can I find time? Since I've accomplished so much, what's next?

Questions and questions are there. I would not regard myself as a person with lots of accomplishment, yet lots of unaccomplished tasks. The tasks are just too much that I don't think the list will end within the coming ten to twenty years. Yeah, burdens are present everywhere in my life. Well, tonight's prayer meeting, opened new dimensions to me.

I got to know that, I have to start from square one, or perhaps, square zero again. Start from scratch in everything I'm doing now. Perhaps, I've grown arrogant, forgetting that I need God's grace and spirit to lead. I've been using my own might and power, so as to say, for the past semester. Result? Not good. Well, thank God for the prayer meeting. I shall start humbling myself and relearn everything once again, hopefully God will shower His grace on me. Really thank God for touching my heart tonight, and making me feel the Holy Spirit working in me once again. The feeling is just great. Nothing beats it. Revival is really a good way to recharge me.

PS 1: Sorry, this post shall end here.

PS 2: Sorry, this post don't contain any interesting graphic or images. So it's a lengthy word post that should be boring.

PS 3: I'm not being emo, just wanna thank God for the prayer meeting, and wanna make those who missed it feel regret.. haha

PS 4: I've slept on my couch throughout the night, and am having back pains now.. Another sign of aging.. Aargh...

PS 5: The words little children have appeared twice in my life today, once in prayer meeting, once more in the daily bible verse on my right hand side toolbar.. maybe there's a meaning..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Browser Based Online Games

I believe that there are times when you are online and you are just bored, having nothing to do, and nothing to surf. There are also times when you wanted to play games, but you just don't know what to play. So I am going to promote some sites that I have been frequenting so that we all get the benefits of these sites.

First and foremost, Addicting Games. This site has a tricky name, plus it updates new games on the site very frequently. However, the games sucks most of the time, as they are made by amateur game programmers. This site will be suitable if you are wanting something simple and fast loading games. As for me, I would rank it 2/5.

Next on the list, Finger Time. The games offered are not just about speed of typing or accuracy of your typing skills, minds are also needed to attempt playing most of the games offered here. The site have developed fairly well over the years. Games offered here are little compared to the rest, but you won't feel childish playing any of them. Sudoku which is offered in this site is highly recommended. My opinion, 3/5.

Up next, a rather more interactive website, Kongregate. Credits are given to this gamer for introducing me to this site. Well, this site offers games that are both fun and exciting. Furthermore, if you register an account in this site, there are challenges and badges for you to collect and accomplish. Only thing is, it is seasonal. One of the best games offered is a card game called Kongai, which is recommended from me, as it requires a little bit of prediction skills on what other gamers' next step might be. I'd give this site 4.5/5.

Not forgetting the legendary Miniclip. This site has been around for ages and can be said the most well known online browser based collection website. Almost everyone knows of this site. Lots of quality games. If you are a hardcore soccer fan, play power soccer that is offered here. I did a review and attached a video not so long ago on that game, and trust me, it's GOOD~! This site deserves a 4/5 from me.

Mo Fun Zone, if translated from Chinese means, No Fun Zone. But the site is different from what its chinese translation means. This site offers good games that can be completed easily. One of the recommended games here are the ones linking to Tactics Arena Online, another online game. Chess freaks will love it. Only bad thing about this game is the player have to pay to enjoy benefits. Overall rating, 3/5.

Prepare to get more mouses as Mouse Breaker is next on the list~! Well, relative to its name, I bet the idea is there in your head that the site offers games that only use mouse. Yes, you are clever. This site offers games that are both fun and great. However, the tendency of updating games to this site is also relatively low, but the games there should occupy quite a number of your time. For instance, the EPL Manager 2008. A great managing game that can get you glued to your seat. An easy 3/5 from me.
Last but not least, Y8. Why 8? I really have no idea. Yet this site has the most comprehensive collection of online browser based games. From dull and boring dressup games, to rare and uniquely fun games. This site is definitely for you if you have 24 hours to spare waiting for something to happen. I shall give this site a 2/5 as the loading speed is comparatively slower than the rest.

So that should wrap up the entire coverage of sites I do visit nowadays. Till then, tata.

Friday, July 11, 2008


What does noob mean to you?

This is a word that has been developed in this modern era, that I'm not even sure if it's in a dictionary. Somehow, i tried it in, and hey, there's 1 website which offer 2 definitions for the word "noob". Yeah, not one, but two.

None of Our Business

[not an acronym] Newbie (a new person; often used pejoratively)

(taken from )

Surprising fact that noob is none of our business... but i was refering to newbie. Lolz

I am still a noob in music, and I am more than happy to say that. Shit happens, even after 7 years of learning something, you're still a noob.

As for my studies, I'm no longer a nerd. Just cause I have a nerdy look, doesnt mean I'm a GOD in studies who don't have to study and still can score HD's all the way.. Evidence, I lost my scholarship.. If any of you need more evidence, I can give you more this coming semester, just say so...

Why I'm saying this? I'm frustrated at 2 things. My noobness at music which I think is kinda humiliating. Another is the fact that when you need help in studies, people tend to say this "You don't need help. You're a GOD. Why study? Just go in and for sure you can get straight HD's"

I regret teaching them when they asked me questions.. Shit do happen in this shitty world..

Monday, July 7, 2008

Final Fantasy IX - Walkthrough Part 1

Well, I'm a Final Fantasy freak and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Well, the previous holiday, I've used up 30 hours of my life watching the walkthrough for Final Fantasy 8, and now I'm watching for Final Fantasy 9.. I really need to get my life..

Saturday, July 5, 2008


Waves are everywhere. From sound wave, to real life ocean wave. But I'm not gonna talk about those this time. I'm half asleep, so I'm not gonna make lame jokes to entertain you guys, or post some lame photos. Somehow, I've gotten to think about this, what's the current wave? What's the current culture?

Generally, I have NO idea~! But for a group of FCC-ians, it's gotta be blogging. Time for some history. When I just reached here, I think soccer was the wave. Then, it was leader's retreat organized by Isaac Sim. Sooner after that, we had indoor games wave (carrom, chinese chess, etc..). New church building hyped us up. Now, I can strongly believe, the most "in trend" wave that hit FCC is blogging. If evidence is what you need, evidence is what I'm giving you.

First, we had old people who had left blogging for good, blogging once again. Who you might wonder? Then click da link la.. Otherwise, why is it there for? Anyway, there's also some old people who have been encouraged to blog once again, and after some persuasion, has not just started blogging again, but changed the entire template and look of his blog! Of course, there are also old people who have changed their blogging domain sites just to show his new commitment towards blogging! Also, some fella have just changed the entire url for his blog so that he is not left out in the "xiao" family~!

Enough about old people? Not so fast to the new bloods. We cannot forget to give credits to the people who have remained faithful to blogging all these years, and never stopped at all right. Him, him, him, him, him and her. They are very loyal fellas, towards blogging. Don't think they can live a day without a computer.

Of course, the new bloods. Some have opted to start blogging for the fun of blogging. Some have opted to blog so that they are not left out. (peer pressures from friends). Some started it because I asked them why have they abandoned their blog. Some started because their brothers have blogs. Some started just because she wants to be heard by others as well. Some started because their best buddies forced them to starting it. Some people even started blogs so that their lameness can spread even throughout the internet, even when they are not telling lame jokes in front of you...

No matter what your reasons are, blogging is growing among us, especially the FCC-ians. We will just wait for episodes of hakka lessons and take pride in our vulgar yet interesting language. We will wait for people to start putting c-boxes up and spam it by saying stuffs like "testing 1 2 3" and "high praise~!".. We will even go to lengths of checking everyone's blog everyday, and hope to be the first to comment in their most recent post~!

Well, it got me wondering, how long will this wave last? What's the next wave? I dunno. I do hope that blogging unites us.

PS: Not all blogs are linked here. A fella's blog might have been linked twice. Not everyone's blog are linked accordingly and not every link here are FCC-ian. Haha. I bet you clicked almost everyone's link, stopped halfway, and then gave up linking until you reach the fella who started a blog to lame others, and clicked on it. Anyway, I'm just being myself when I'm tired.