Wednesday, April 29, 2009

You're Mistaken

This isn't one of the post I owed any of you out there..
I'm not gonna say I won't be posting the posts I owed you..
I'm not gonna post any other new exciting posts, though my life is filled with excitement..

PS: I'm just here to say I'm still alive.. so.. ANTICIPATE~! (after these 2 weeks shall be free-er)

Friday, April 17, 2009


I owe a post on Palm Sunday..

I owe a post on Good Friday..

I owe a post on Easter Sunday..

I owe a cleanup of my room..

I owe a basketball game during my hols..


See for yourself.. the conditions of my room.. during the holidays..

PS: I started mapling again.. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's been a while...

Man.. final year really is taking the toll out of me..

Been busy rushing 2 major reports, the feasibility report of my final year project, and my industrial training report. Yes, it's been months after my training and I am still rushing it. (Ya.. I'm lazy).. thus, my absence from blogging..

I just wanted to say, it's been a great experience serving as a reader for a drama, first time, and enjoyed it! Well, for those who didn't know, last night was good friday, and it's the day Jesus died on the cross.. For more info, ask me, and I shall fill into your shoes about stuffs.. All I can say is, I thank God for this chance to serve in something new..

Time to go get the rest that I needed..

Till then, see ya on easter~!

PS: I'm outta idea again.. will think of more.. and.. i'm lazy as well... hehe

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I'm Back~!

Ok, the last time I blogged, I left you all wondering what's with this "Expectations Kills The Elephants". Before I proceed with the topic, let me present to you all, some random facts.

1. Yesterday was April Fool's Day. People tried fooling me, to no avail, but I did not have any mood to fool anyone. So yeah, another April Fool's wasted.

2. The day before yesterday, was the first anniversary of this blog being active!! So, this blog is officially 1 year old~!

3. Still figuring out what my thesis is all about, eventhough it's already week 5..

4. Have just completed a lab report of 46 pages long.. I dunno how the lecturer's gonna mark it.. hehe.. (good way to pay back to the lecturers..)

5. Gonna enter the final week of lent season soon, which means, this sunday's... PALM SUNDAY~! (will have a post on that!)

6. Check this April Fool's post of last year. You'll discover that there's a lot more celebration on the same day~!

Ok, I bet that's enough of the updates. Back to the topic....

Expectations kills the elephants. This phrase, can be seen in several ways.

1. When you have too high of an expectation on someone, even if that person is as great as an elephant, that person will still die. Imagine this, you see an elephant. You expect it be big and strong. But, always remember, elephants do die. Elephants do become prey to predators. If they are all so mighty and strong, why can't they defend themselves from predators?

(Revised for Rick Sim)

2. When you have too high of an expectation on yourself, you'll go nuts again. Imagine someone who is not an elephant expecting oneself to be an elephant. When one does so, one might try to fight the dog (when one is actually a cat). Result, let your imagination let loose.

3. When both is happening at the same time, disaster is about to strike

PS: And it is finished. This post is finished.