Thursday, September 27, 2012


Look at the date~!

It's almost a year since I am back, and if not for Caroline asking me if I blogged few days back, I would not have remembered the existence of this leisure lounge! Hopefully people still read my blog.
The fun part is, few minutes prior to this entry, I was still watching the movie, "you are the apple of my eye", and the last blog was about this movie. Time do pass quickly, but the feelings do not just fade easily. And the reason why I am still so hooked is perhaps because there is this regret in me that I have not had the courage (like the main character), to actually just chase like nobody's business and be with the girl of my dreams.

Shall I start writing as well as the main character did?

For those who are interested, stay tune for the link of my trial love novel (whether based on my life or not,up to you to judge.. XP)