Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Yeah, I'm pretty much sick. Cough and stuffs.. Sometimes it's just a routine to be sick..

Well, that's part of the updates, but what i'm gonna blog most in this post is, i got banged. Well, on a nice monday, my car got banged by a person who claims that she never knew she banged me. (I actually did confronted her). The results? Shown in the following pictures:

Anyway, To illustrate how I got banged, I planned to use several diagrams to do so,

, I have to go through all the trouble of getting her contacts and car plates, getting my car checked by mechanics, and then getting money from her, then sending it to repair. All's trouble. I hate it. Somemore I'm sick, commented by the doctor to be fat.. so.. haiz..

Anyway, only glad news is, LAKERS proved their dominance. Only team to progress to semifinals with a clean sweep, 4-0 win over Denver Nuggets (bear in mind they have Carmelo Anthony and Allen Iverson). This makes me a proud LAKERS fan. haha

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yeah, National Basketball Association's Playoffs are here~!

Not many teams made it to the playoff, only 8 from each Conference. Who will win?? Cast your votes, now~!

Among the teams that make it are:

Western Conference (sorted by positioning):

1. Los Angeles Lakers
(Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Lamar Odom, Derek Fisher, Vladimir Radmanovic)

2. New Orleans Hornets
(Chris Paul, Peja Stojakovic, David West, Tyson Chandler, Morris Peterson)

3. San Antonio Spurs
(Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Michael Finley, Bruce Bowen, Fabricio Oberto)

4. Utah Jazz
(Carlos Boozer, Deron Williams, Andrei Kirilenko, Mehmet Okur, Ronnie Brewer)

5. Houston Rockets
(Tracy McGrady, Shane Battier, Dikembe Mutombo, Luis Scola, Bobby Jackson)

6. Phoenix Suns
(Amare Stoudemire, Steve Nash, Shaqueille O'Neal, Raja Bell, Grant Hill)

7. Dallas Mavericks
(Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Kidd, Jerry Stackhouse, Erick Dampier, Josh Howard)

8. Denver Nuggets
(Allen Iverson, Carmelo Anthony, Marcus Camby, Kenyon Martin, Anthony Carter)

Eastern Conference (sorted by positioning):

1. Boston Celtics
(Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins)

2. Detroit Pistons
(Rasheed Wallace, Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Chauncy Billups, Antonio McDyess)

3. Orlando Magic
(Dwight Howard, Rashard Lewis, Hidayet Turkoglu, Jameer Nelson, Maurice Evans)

4. Cleveland Cavaliers
(Lebron James, Ben Wallace, Wally Szczerbiak, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Delonte West)

5. Washington Wizards
(Antawn Jamison, Caron Butler, Antonio Daniels, Brendan Haywood, Deshawn Stevenson)

6. Toronto Raptors
(Chris Bosh, Andrea Bargnani, TJ Ford, Radoslav Nesterovic, Anthony Parker)

7. Philadelphia 76ers
(Andre Iguodala, Andre Miller, Samuel Dalembert, Thaddeus Young, Willie Green)

8. Atlanta Hawks
(Mike Bibby, Josh Smith, Al Horford, Joe Johnson, Marvin Williams)

Well, those are the lineups for the top teams. If you're wondering where is Yao Ming (Houston Rockets) and also Gilbert Arenas (Washington Wizards) or other top players, there's only one answer. They are injured/not in the main starting lineup. Thus, the chances of winning is less. For those who want to follow the progress of it, do visit www.nba.com daily for the updates (if you're a basketball freak like me).

Till then, tata.

PS: My weeks are packed + comps are sent for fixing. Thus online and update blog lesser. Btw, i root for LAKERS~!

Monday, April 21, 2008


I shall start this post with the definition for the word, procrastinate.

To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
To postpone or delay needlessly.

taken from (http://www.thefreedictionary.com/procrastinate)

I'm sick, and I'm lazy to do stuffs. Have assignments to pass up, test to study for which accounts to 10% for the final marks, and a scholarship to maintain. Still have lots of other responsibility as a resident of B-6-3A, as a church member, as a FS leader, and as a son.

I'm basically exhausted, and during this sick period, I was given the golden excuse to be more lazy than ever before. Dang, but I know, life had to go on, and laziness kills. So.. I dunno.. Hopefully I can get well and get working at full pace. At times, hard work might not generate good result, and I am always discouraged by those incidents. Hate those incidents.

I wonder, where is the Victor who always strive in his studies, who can lead groups of people, who can decide in an instance, who knows what's best in different circumstances? I really wonder where is he and I do wonder if he will ever come back, or it'll be a lazy, good for nothing, useless in everything Victor lingering around for the rest of the time??

Peace out~!

PS: Most of you voted for shit, which means this is a shitty blog.. followed by in need of improvement and I really want to thank the only person who said it's great. Thanks man/gal.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


After being busy, it's time to be a failure.

Well, many have cheered me up, and comforted me with lots of words. "Try again next time", " It's not the end yet, do better next time", "It's just not your day, you'll have a better time tomorrow". Well, those phrases are only applicable for kids. Why do I say so? Mainly because it's not giving any effect on me. I'm still feeling as bad as ever.

How bad did I fared? Well, I shall list it down.

1. Failed to organize my time.

2. Failed to organize my resources(money).

3. Failed to pass simple and crucial test.

4. Failed to get the results I want.

5. Failed to maintain the results I want.

6. Failed to lead FS in a proper manner.

7. Failed to take out usher responsibility when it is needed.

8. Failed to manage my relationships.

9. Failed to decide on my future.

10. Failed to defend my rights.

11. Failed to be a responsible driver.

12. Failed to be a leader at all times.

13. Failed to realise how many times I've repeated my failures.

14. Failed to improve my guitar skills.

15. Failed to control my temper.

16. Failed to realize visions I have.

17. Failed to keep my promises.

18. Failed to fulfill my responsibility as a son.

19. Failed to fulfill my responsibility as a student.

20. Failed to fulfill my other responsibilities.

21. Failed to manage my life.

22. Failed to get 99 failures.

23. Failed to realise how failure I am for still thinking that I am a failure despite people around me telling me I'm not a failure I think I am.

24. Failed to succeed.

25. Failed to realise I failed to succeed.

There, 25 failures. More than enough reasons to say that I'm a big failure. Well, there are actually more, but since I'm a big failure, I shall fail to enlist all of the failures I have. No need words of encouragement, as I myself can give sufficient amount to myself if those words are useful. Just, help me list down how much more failure I am.

PS: There was only 1 thing I succeeded this week, which is to be a member of a 7 member Malaysia Record breaking team. 7 of us squeezed into a tiny kelisa and travelled for around 250 m. Evidence? See attached pics. (can't see me cause I'm squeezed behind them).

(more like 7 monkeys in a clown car)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Being Underage is So Yucky~!

So now we know what BUSY means..
Ok, so I didn't really succeeded in getting a good phrase for BUSY, but hey, look at the time when I'm posting this.. I'm half awake and half asleep, since I'm forcing myself to study for a test on tuesday.. and possibly another one on wednesday, with 2 reports and programs to rush for thursday, and another report and program for friday. Can I cope? I wonder.

Well, I can't really think of what to post here. I'm idealess. Clueless. So I shall post 7 random facts about me which I bet you never knew. ( If you knew all 7, I really thank you for being a sincere friend of mine. Yes, YOU~!)

1. I like GUNDAMS~! I've a collection of more than 20 models back in my hometown. Yeah babe~!

2. I bring diarrhoea medicine everywhere I go. Reason?? I'm a drug addict.

3. I love basketball, and I mean it!!. There was once I didn't have transport to go to the basketball court, so I walked for 30 minutes to the court. Yeah~!

4. I've stayed in most of the major towns in Sabah, except the state capital~! (yeah, i've been in Tawau and Sandakan, and Labuan if you wanna count it in.. though it's a federal territory..)

5. I have 393 contacts in my MSN, and only 10 are people who have added me, and yet have not identified themselves. (yeah, I know all 383 of them, and no multiple accounts are in it.)

6. I'm a christian. (why did I include this some of you might think. It's because people that aren't my church friends thinks that i'm not a christian for some particular reason...)

7. Last but not least, I like to sleep with lots and lots of pillows. (not dolls). I will prefer to be suffocated on bed with pillows then sleeping pillowless. HAHAHA

Well, that's all for now, hope you guys enjoyed your week, and God Bless~!

PS: If you really think that I'm a drug addict, thanks for trusting me that much. I am very happy with it, but sorry for cheating you. HAHA~! I'm not an addict, just that i suffer from an illness. Not a fatal one.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fast Food Rally~~

Yeah, finally week 6 has past. 7 more weeks then it'll be end of this semester. So what did I do to celebrate this? I went on a fast food rally. Yeah, I'm nuts... I had mcD on saturday, followed by wendy's on sunday, proceeded with mcD on wednesday and thursdays, and wendy's again on friday. crazy isn't it?

Well, don't let me see another burger, might puke.

Some of you might have noticed a change in my posting style, yeah, I'm very tired and sleepy, thus you all shall suffer with me. (There's a saying that goes : Yao Fook Tung Hiong, Yao Wok Tung Dong [Blessings are enjoyed together, whereas sufferings are taken up together as well]). So you all shall suffer with me in this post.

Nothing much to say, just that, AMERICAN IDOL is my favorite programme now. Reason? Well, not because of the pretty girls they produce, or Simon Cowell, but simply because, they sang Shout To The Lord as entrance song. It was very nice, and to add to the fact that it was by them, on air throughout America (and perhaps world), it's one of the best ways to evangelise. Yeah~! Go American Idol~!

Since one of you ask me why I put so much wiki here, it's so that you'll benefit from reading my blog. I'm not wise, so my words can't add unto your existing knowledge. Thus I have opted to use wiki to enhance your knowledge. Yet, this post's gonna be special. Like I said, tired.

Till I see ya when I see ya. Boh Bye..


Sunday, April 6, 2008

What Can I Say???

I've been rushing homework for the past few days, yet I'm pretty much behind my studies... When is this going to end?? At times, i feel just like going to a cyber and play COD4 whole day.. but I won't be enjoying it, knowing that I'll sooner or later have to sacrifice my sleep for my homework if I did that......

Thank God that i managed to take control of my game addiction for the current week and finished off all that has to be handed up on time. Well there're major stuffs happening on my weekend, so I shall choke them up here.

First, Saturday. Woke, went uni, attended class, did homework, went back at 2 pm. The story starts to get fun here.

I went home to do the norm - online. Then my brother came home, proceeded by my sis-in-law at 4 pm. When she walked in, she said this, "I think I saw a thief.".. With a very monotonous tone.... and as I was in my room eavesdropping (come on.... she said it quite loudly ok?? Not on purpose... ), I didn't really bother. Then my brother called the security guards. So being a 38 person, i walked out and asked. To my surprise, the target was my shoes~! My Reebok basketball shoes~! Worth Rm200... My most expensive shoes ever~!...... :(.... That's my only pair that exceeded Rm100.. DAMN~!!..

But I didn't really feel anything.. anger?? no... sad?? no.. numbstruck?? no... plain.. cool.... haha..

I grab the wooden squash racket (Antique...) as it's the only wood I have, and I went down with my brother to hunt for the game.. Hoping to be able to get it, and hang his head as display on my living room... haha.. (for those who don't get what I meant, refer to the following picture... =.='')

Well, the guards told us he ran past them.. I repeat.. he ran PAST them.. now I truely know the scope of a guard's work. Accept calls, and let crooks outrun you....

After the events, went for church and Ah Long.. Quite a good movie.. haha..

Sunday it is.. Sunday was good, I went church, and Wendy's as lunch.. haha.. I actually ordered a 3/4 pound.. If you think Big Mac was something.. wait till you try the 3/4 pound man.. That's what I call BIG.. Haha.. Nothing else happened pretty much after that..

Before I go, I shall allow you to have some information about Wendy's...Wendy's is an international chain of fast food restaurants founded by Dave Thomas in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio. As of December 2006 Wendy's was the third largest hamburger fast food chain with approximately 6,700 locations after McDonald's (31,000 locations) and Burger King (11,200 locations).[1][2] It is headquartered in Dublin, Ohio and owned by the American corporation Wendy's International, Inc. (extracted from Wikipedia).

Well, you can get more info from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wendy, or http://www.wendys.com/ . I shall sleep now as I'm old. Haha, thanks for da donations that keep coming.. Peace out~~!

PS: Quiz 1. What's my favourite fast food chain?? And what do I order there normally?? (not inclusive of sets. only the food name alone is enough. No need combo meal numbers or sorts. Haha. Winner shall be rewarded.. Ends when I have another new post...)

Friday, April 4, 2008


function [Names] = 4th_April (names, donations)

if donations > = 5
Names = names.
Names = 0.


Heck, did I write it right? Well, I don't really think so.. Haha...

Monash is really killing me slowly. Why can't they stick to 1 programming language only?

Why do they have to torture us by teaching us MATLAB, then C++, then ALTERA, then in third year, we use the C++ and MATLAB again, which we have forgotten~!

Well, due to the similarity of the programs and functions that they contain, it's really hard to get the syntax correct. My mind's all jumbled up. And I spent the whole day in the lab figuring which is which~! (by the way, that's 3rd of April.... if you didn't notice when i posted this ~! :) ).

Sometimes, I don't even know why I'm learning these programmings, it doesnt even appear useful besides in work. I can't use it to edit my blog, can't even use it to create a nice banner, and the programming language is totally different from html or java!!!! DAMN~!!!

Well, can't be complaining much here, so as to not pile up the amount of stress that my fellow lifeless coursemates already have!! Well, regarding about April Fools, I wanna share with you how SMJK Tiong Hua kids have it in school. First, we regard the day as Apple's Day. Second, we eat apples. Third, we drink apple juices. Fourth, we give others apples. Fifth, we receive apples as gift. Sixth, Leo club sells apples if YOU didn't bring any. Seventh, we throw rotten apples away. Eighth, we attach an apple like card when we give the apples. Ninth, we study about apples in biology classes (or science class for the underaged), tenth, last but not least, we give bundles of roses.

(Apples, apples and more apples~~)

wait, .... r.... o.... s.... roses????

what does that got to do with apples??? (if that's on your mind, thanks for reading, if that's not, STOP STARING AT MY BLOG AND START READING!!!!)

well, there's a saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. In SMJK Tiong Hua, we have our own version. a rose a day keeps the pretty at bay~!. So, it is actually legal to buy roses (and only roses) and give it to anyone you like at school. Pretty fun huh? Well, not exactly but, yeah :) . It's quite an opportunity for anyone to confess their true feelings!!! But, all good things are always accompanied with soemthign bad. The day after, lots of students will call in sick, not because they overdid something (i know what you're thinking, you naughty boy... and maybe girl..). The plain reason is simple, they got rejected, and are too heartbroken to go school. Haha.. sad people.. That's where I'm from.. SAD...

neway, it's long and windy.. so i shall ciao for not.. so much to say, so limited to write.. aargh..

PS: For those loyal visitors, you should have noticed a new column which says registered patients. They are the priviledge card holders and they have benefits. Benefits shall be disclosed when the time comes. Currently, due to the size of this lounge, it can only house 10 people. There's already 4. So, if you want your name to be there, leave your name, blog url, and also reason why I should add you there. Only open for 4 more space. 2 shall be reserved for future competitions. haha.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Annual Fooling of April

I'm gay....

Gotcha~! April Fools~!....

Well, it's quite obvious that it's a lie. For those who don't get the lie in the first place and actually believed me, may you have a wonderful day ahead (crosses finger).

Since today's special, I'm gonna cover a lot about today. According to Wikipedia (yeah, wiki again), "April Fools' Day or All Fools' Day, though not a holiday in its own right, is a notable day celebrated in many countries on April 1. The day is marked by the commission of hoaxes and other practical jokes of varying sophistication on friends, enemies and neighbors, or sending them on fools' errands, the aim of which is to embarrass the gullible."

So, how did this day originate? Some believe that it's a festival celebrated in Great Britain, others in Scotland. It is arguable, but in my opinion, it started because people are tired with the term "Honesty is the Best Policy". People started to want to lie, and not feel bad about it, thus have created this day so to escape the consequences of their irresponsible action. If you have time, do visit the wiki link and read about the famous pranks that have happened (some are interesting). However, i was really shocked as I read this following fact: 165 people died in a Tsunami in Hawaii, because they thought that the warning sent to them was a hoax!!

So, in all things, do believe it at first, eventhough it was told on 1st April, cause there's no harm in being cheated right?? (I said so cause I failed to con anyone.. DAMN!!) Well, for FF fans out there, Square and Enix merged on 1st April, becoming what is known as SquareEnix of today!! Woo Hoo~! Good move merging~! (the photo is about the Final Fantasy VII, one of the many products of SquareEnix!!)

Ok, back to me, today sucks. Woke up with a wonderful dream which I have forgotten what it was, managed to thank God that I arrived in uni on time, but the nightmare just starts now.

First, I screwed up in my TRC3200 lab. Everyone did it in a breeze, I spent like ages doing basic stuffs. BASIC!!! (I admit I have a lot of ego.. so..). Felt down the entire morning. Went to a lecture which I know nuts what he's talking about. Wasted my 3 hours break doing nothing.. Went for another 2 hour lecture. Had bubble tea before that ( bad decision). Sugar rush made me fall asleep in the class. Next thing I know, I'm the joke of the day for the class. Even another classmate of mine who skips class and sleeps more than I do didn't get to be the joke of the day~! What luck is this?

The rest of the day, feeling bad about the day. I really feel hopeless and useless. Stupidity just became my middle name. Well, this was my April Fool's Day, a great experience, which is too great, I won't want to have it again. Wow, Didn't believe I wrote that much. I still got something that I wanted to tell. Haha. Maybe I'll save it for my next post.

P.S: For those who wants to have some nice April Fool's jokes and cartoons, i present to you one of the top websites for this : http://www.youareconned.com/