Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Thanks for all the wishes.
Thanks for all the greetings.
Thanks for all the wall posts.
Thanks for all the blog posts.
Thanks for all the messages.
Thanks for all the celebrations.
Thanks for all the care.
Thanks for all the effort.


(PS: I am tired. Thus, details will be out tmr or soon)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


The Leisure Lounge will be down for maintenance from now until who knows when...

As the Managing Director of this lounge, I am truly sorry for all the inconvenience caused because of this sudden maintenance. I hope that you'll be patient during this period of time and I assure you that the operations will resume shortly..

Alright, enough with formality.. I'm kinda busy these few weeks, due to assignments, lab reports, and also a project. I shall blog lesser, but remain reading people's blogs. Thus, do visit "me" when I start blogging again. Till then, tata

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

100 days more to go~!

Only 100 days more to..... nope, not my birthday... nope, not my wedding... no no... not new year... but... Christmas Day~!!!!

Yeah, that's all about it.. in this post.. let's countdown~!

Industrial Training

Industrial training aka Internship.. is very near..

I'm wondering.. should I go for a far company, but with a promising future and a promising good boss?

Or should I find someplace near, but have no idea of what the boss and environment will be like?

Feedbacks will be appreciated..

Anyway, busy weeks ahead, will still read, but might not write.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Music Revolution 2+

What is the above logo about?

What is MR 2+?

What is actually going on?

If you are wondering and you would like to know more, but feels that I'm not a trustworthy person to tell you about it, read it yourself from these renowned bloggers...

If you would rather have me tell you the gist of it, I shall do the honours.

MR2+ is the event in which two competitions will be conducted. Singing Competition and Song Composing Competition. This coming saturday, which is practically today, is the first preliminary round for the singing competition. Thus, if you fancy people singing, and also fancy american idol, malaysian idol and perhaps petaling street idol, you should come and have a look. By the way, the competition is closed for participation already, but you could still come and see how others sing.

The venue is Faith Christian Center. 8.30 pm, Saturday night. Do try not to miss this golden opportunity to attend this event. Who knows, you might be mesmerized by the contestant, and next thing I know, I'm ushering for your wedding. So, nuff said, see ya there~!

Friday, September 12, 2008


It's time to be quiet.

Monday, September 8, 2008


Lots have been happening around...

But before I proceed with myself, grats to Ivan and Karen~!

Wahaha.. Damn happy about it, I myself can't really sleep the night before their wedding. I myslef am not aware why I'm so happy. Well, maybe it's cause Ivan is like a brother to me already. I don't talk much with him, or anyone in Ken Damansara Cell Group, but I do feel home with them and feel a part of them. That's why, when Howard got wed, I tried to offer as much as I can. When Ivan got wed, I did too.

It's amazing to be in God's plan now. Coming to KL. Joining Ken CG, Then seeing one by one of their members getting wed. I do hope this wedding rally never end~! Who should I expect the fourth member to be? Haha.... Horace? Phoebe? Beatrice? Jonathan? I do wonder.

These few days, I've been in a lot of events, and the preaching this week is about character. Makes me reminded of what I've done in my Windows Live Spaces blog: asking everyone to tell me where I can improve.

I guess, it's time to ask everyone the same question after sometime. As I know, people change, and needs to be rebuked from time to time. Thus, do comment on what areas I can improve so that I'm a better person, and a person more like Jesus. Please don't think this is an emo post, and say things like "U're doing great, U're a good person"... I don't need thos comments. I need ideas to improve.. Seriously.. And do suggest also how I can improve myself.. cause... I'm lazy to think.

So long for this post. Hope I'll have to give wedding angpau again real soon~!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Final Fantasy VIII Music - Love Grows

This is one of the greatest ballads Final Fantasy has ever produced. Enjoy~

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Which hairstyle?

There's this theory around in the world where humans evolved from apes. But I do believe, if evolution is a correct theory, that humans do evolve from apes, then I have a theory of my own. I believe that if evolution does exist, humans will evolve into apes, and not apes into humans.


Look around you. People have evolved from walking to sitting on a car. Getting lazier to use their legs. Sooner or later, their legs will have no energy and humans will be swinging from tree to tree.

Look around you. People have evolved from using their brains to lazy procrastinating people. They tend not to use their brain and just does what everyone around him/her does. Apes, are always doing that.

Look around you. People have evolved from talking to sending sms, and from stopping to talk when meeting someone they know, to just a simple hi and bye. The lesser we use our verbal ability, the lesser we are fluent at a language. Next time, I foresee that humans will forget the language they've learnt, and just makes noise like apes.

Look around you. People, in particular, guys, have evolved from short smart hair to long messy hair. Apes, don't need to manage their hair. This point might be the most arguable compared to the rest. But, I will always provide you with evidence.



PS: I'm just wondering which hairstyle I should have, short or long as I seriously have no idea. Haha, hope this post did not offend anyone. Chill my friend, chill.