Monday, December 29, 2008


Before I lose all my readers, I'm telling you this...

I'm still thinking of the year end post~!

I wanna list down every single thing I did.. so it's taking quite sometime to recall as I don't keep a diary..

Please, please bear with me...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve~!

I just noticed on my countdown that.. it's only 1 more day to CHRISTMAS~!!!!!!!!!

which means, today is CHRISTMAS EVE~!!!!!!!!!!

which means, today is CHRISTMAS MANNA~!!!!!!!!!!

which means, I'll be seeing you tonight at 7.30 pm, FCC~!!

PS: You means anyone.. as everyone is invited~!

Thursday, December 18, 2008


Alright, I shall be updating you about the most recent happenings around town this December..

Every dating person should be aware that in December, there will be a need to buy a present for his/her spouse, as Christmas is a celebration not to be missed!!!

Thus, this Christmas Eve, Faith Christian Center (aka FCC) is hosting a special event!!!

Starts at 7.30 pm, at FCC!! If you don't know the location, give me a ring or an sms and I'll get back to you as shortly as I can, and direct you to the location!!

DO NOT... I repeat... DO NOT MISS THIS!!!

What's a better way to celebrate Christmas with your loved ones than by going to a friendly church, sit back and enjoy with them all the programs installed for that night!!

Another annoucement is that, a mall has been opened just outside where I stay, and it's good...

Visit for more information... (they've got all the good shops + lots of events and services.. even shuttle bus services... )

PS: Remember our date on 24th~!

PSS: If you happen to go tropicana mall.. sms me la.. perhaps i sien at home...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Check this out!!!

Ok, 80th post.. shall be dedicated to....

Oh yeah.. the pic's quite blurry cause I took it with my dad's laptop's webcam at work.. but if you are clever enough to spot the word HSBC on the top left, and clever enough to notice the uniqueness of that piece of paper, you'll know that it's a.....


Oh yeah...

PS: First pay check bah.. of course SS and happy a bit la.. hehe.. anyway, save your breath if you want me to spend you a meal.. haha.. I'm using it to spend God and my family.. haha..

Monday, December 15, 2008


10...... more..... days... to......... CHRISTMAS~!!!

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Alright, one day, I walked around, and felt that the lounge needed music, thus I bought a radio.

The end.

PS: I actually woke up and visited a close brother of mine's blog... and then was amazed at the music he had in his blog.. thus I actually 38-ed for the method he did it. Once I obtained the method, I even changed the codes for the application to make it fit nicely into the blog.. and there's no annoying buttons at the bottom. I feel proud of myself now.. though it's a small accomplishment, I feel accomplished.. ( I am half programmer.. what to do...)

The player will only play if you pressed for it to play, to avoid people like this from feeling sien of visiting my blog (received complaints from him once I told him the updates... ) ... That should be the updates..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

77th Post

I desperately need inspiration to blog..

It's been long since I actually updated this blog as I am really running out of ideas..

There have been instances that when I drive, I though of something that I can blog about... but in the end, once I reach home, I forgot everything..

Before I forget.. I thought of this:

Once upon a time, there were two families living in a small town. Each family have a son and a daughter, with the son being the elder one. Imagine this. If, the son from family A married the daughter from family B, and the son from family B married the daughter from family A... who would be known as the older brother in law? ( I'm not mentioning the age, I'm purely mentioning the rank, as the older brother in law is ranked higher than the younger one...)

PS: If anyone can give me a good answer, I might supply an equivalent reward.. lol..

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Streamyx Problem

It's not that I'm too busy or I'm too lazy to update my blogs.. it's just that the internet at home has been experiencing some sort of disturbance.. sometimes I get to connect to the internet, sometimes the modem sucks..

To make things worse, my workplace provides no internet access.. So.. can't even surf and check mails at work!!

Neway, the main reason I'm blogging is to announce that, I have finally decided. I'm no longer gonna wait. The past has gone and the new has come. I'm not gonna sacrifice my "kebahagiaan" for some other people. I'm gonna grab what I want no matter what!! I can't deny the desire that I have within me. I can't always see others happy while I myself am sad.. No.. I'm gonna change.. I'm gonna....

I'm gonna...

I'm gonna go back to Tawau for CNY~!!!

PS: Back from 25th night till 30th night.. I want wotieks~!

For those who misinterpreted my post.. Oops I did it again~!