Thursday, September 27, 2012


Look at the date~!

It's almost a year since I am back, and if not for Caroline asking me if I blogged few days back, I would not have remembered the existence of this leisure lounge! Hopefully people still read my blog.
The fun part is, few minutes prior to this entry, I was still watching the movie, "you are the apple of my eye", and the last blog was about this movie. Time do pass quickly, but the feelings do not just fade easily. And the reason why I am still so hooked is perhaps because there is this regret in me that I have not had the courage (like the main character), to actually just chase like nobody's business and be with the girl of my dreams.

Shall I start writing as well as the main character did?

For those who are interested, stay tune for the link of my trial love novel (whether based on my life or not,up to you to judge.. XP)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post Movie Effect

Almost a week after the movie, and I'm still hooked on the theme song.. and worse of all, the movie's story itself.

Am wondering when will I be able to step out of this..

And am wondering if anyone still reads my blog. Shall I blog on or shall I not?

Post Movie Effect

Almost a week after the movie, and I'm still hooked on the theme song.. and worse of all, the movie's story itself.

Am wondering when will I be able to step out of this..

And am wondering if anyone still reads my blog. Shall I blog on or shall I not?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

You, My Eye's Apple

After watching "You are the apple of my eye " special screening (had to thank the dude who brought me there, though he refused to be known), I must say, I left the cinema feeling the most emo I have felt this year thus far..

In order not to be a spoiler post, I shall not reveal the reason for emoness, and also any of the content of the movie, all I can say is, if Inception was the movie of the year 2010, this is the movie of the year 2011, not Nasi Lemak 2.0 (sorry dude, your movie's still good, but too bad, my vote still goes to the Taiwan movie). So0, go watch~!

And being one of the typical human in this world, I have decided to follow the footsteps of the author of the book, to pen down my experiences, and hopefully it'll become a book someday, worth watching, and worth sharing. Howbeit, I seriously have no idea where to start.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Well, it's been seriously more than a year since I last updated my post, and if I were not reminded of the existance of my blog, I don't even think I would have posted a blog entry here.

I am seriously running out of ideas on what to post here on my blog, so, without further delay, let me dedicate to the first of november 2011, a song i covered, and recorded, well, few months back.


All feedbacks welcomed, though whether it will be entertained or not are subject to my very own decision.. :P

Monday, August 9, 2010

9th August 2010

It has really been ages.. and I do mean ages.. since I last blogged.. or checked people's blog.. and this has really make me wonder.. if anyone actually still visits this blog of mine..

Anyway, life has been pretty unexpectable for me as I have been unexpectedly involved in many many projects this year.. projects that I thank God I am involved in.. as.. I have never imagined in the first place I would be part of...

And, insects taste great~!

Enough of my randomness.. Gonna come up with a much proper blog post soon..

and by saying soon, I mean.. or I hope.. it is within this month... haha..

Sunday, January 3, 2010


First post for 2010.. Shall be reserved for the reflections of 2009..

Indeed, I had a tough time listing the 10 things I wanted to give thanks to the Lord on the pass new year's eve prayer meeting... Not that I had too little, but I had a lot.. and each of them felt like it was ages since it happened.. Yet in reality, it all happened in the past year.. So, I shall come up with another thanksgiving list here.. XD

1. Thank God for health and protection for family.. Indeed, it was great to see everyone in good condition.

2. Thank God for the wakeup call on how short life is.. Though I won't really feel happy on this.. but nevertheless, it happened.. For the first time in my life I've lost someone I know.. who died young.. and this person help make me realize how short life actually is.. An experience I'll remember for a very long time...

3. Thank God for relationships.. (relationship??? Victor pakto liao meH???).. I know you're thinking that when I typed this.. but I am still single... haha...

4. Thank God for ministry opportunities.. Yes.. ministry for me is a privilege that is offered to me.. Not so much that the church needs someone to serve.. but the ministry of God has an opening for you to serve in.. and that's privilege..

5. Thank God for trips.. Melaka, Ipoh, Seremban, Genting, KK, Ayer Tawar... suang des neh!!!

6. Thank God for THESIS!!!! Started the year praying for the "right" thesis... In the end didn't get the topic I wanted... instead got a topic I totally had no idea on.. worked on it... wasn't that hard... got a 90/100!!!! woohoo!!!! XD

7. Thank God for how He led me in music... Yes, this "freak" who loves Final Fantasy songs actually indulge himself in music.. and thank God for the ability to write a song.. hoho.. XD..more than a song... XP

8. Thank God for equipping courses.. namely Global Leadership Summit and No Apologies.. learnt a lot.. on how they actually brought the message forward.. GLS is FOC somemore.. XD

9. Thank God for books.. got at least 5... time to read up.. @.@

10. Thank God for every other little things in my life that matters.. sometimes.. the most..

That's the revamped 10! Btw..need some new year's resolution from you all! I've got my 10... the ten things I wanna do this year for myself.. and for this year only.. I am allowing input for another 10.. things.. that you wish.. to see me.. accomplish.. and I am actually gonna try.. accomplishing it.. so start writing!!! XD