Wednesday, December 23, 2009

While = 6 months..

In the previous post, I did mention that I'll be back in a while.. and it really seems that "a while" is actually a full 6 month period... And I do bet that not many actually would anticipate me blogging at this time of the year.. Most probably most of this blog's readers have already abandoned following this blog... So if YOU are actually reading this, I salute you... and would like to honor you with a "faithful blog follower" badge.... just that the badge never existed.. XD

I've recently visited Ayer Tawar and the surrounding attractions (including Pangkor Island).. courtesy of Tracy Wong.. and I must say it was a great trip.. Reason? Food? Attractions? People?

Yes, the food was fantastic, attractions were interesting, people were great.. but those are not the main reason.. Main reason lies within an anime that I like a lot called "Honey and Clover".. It's a great anime about the lives of several arts students and their perceptions on life and adolescence's greatest ordeal - love..

In the anime itself, a character named Takemoto set off on a journey to discover himself by cycling around Japan.. though it sounds ridiculous, I somehow felt that I was going through the same thing as I travelled to Ayer Tawar.. none of my companions knew what I was thinking, yet the thoughts kept racing.. What is the next thing in my life? What's my calling? What's my purpose? How come there's this deep desire of wanting to go away for a set period of time.. Away from people I know, away from places I knew? Am I running away from something?

With all those thoughts, I do discover that I'm very alike the anime character Takemoto at that time.. though I'm not cycling around M'sia on a bike, but I was definitely desperate for a trip to a new place, away from the norm.. And as I ended the trip.. I realized I have not yet discovered myself..

On 23rd December 2009, I watched the last 2 episodes of the anime for season 1.. and it was all about Takemoto returning back.. without discovering himself also.. but in the anime, a quote struck me deeply.. so deep that I think my answer is found there as well..

" I realized I ran away so that I can cherish the things I have been having while I wasn't away"...