Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T & S

Well, we are all aware about R & D. Yeah, it stands for research and development. Once again, I shall cite something from wikipedia.

The phrase research and development (also R and D or, more often, R&D), according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, refers to "creative work undertaken on a systematic basis in order to increase the stock of knowledge, including knowledge of man, culture and society, and the use of this stock of knowledge to devise new applications".
In general, R&D activities are conducted by specialized units or centers belonging to companies, universities and state agencies. In the context of commerce, "research and development" normally refers to future-oriented, longer-term activities in science or technology, using similar techniques to scientific research without predetermined outcomes and with broad forecasts of commercial yield.

So I guess you finally got the feel for R & D. What about P & C? Nope, it's not playful and cheerful. It's private and confidential. Again, I love wiki.

P&C may refer to:
Parents and Citizens Associations, (Australian State School support bodies)
Peanuts & Corn Records
In insurance, "P&C" stands for "
property and casualty".
P&C Foods

Ok, so there's nothing about private and confidential in wikipedia. But, hey, how many of you reading now knew that there's this recording company called peanuts and corns? By the way, R&D and P&C are not the main concern for this post. It's T&S. Once again, i try wiki-ing for T&S. It seems that in wiki, there's nothing about T&S.

How could it be? Nothing about T&S? Wee wang wang Wee wang wang (was requested to do so by someone.. wee him wang him la.. ).. Anyway, back to the point, of course there's nothing about T&S, I created it. Yeah babe.
It's thanks and sorry.

Thanks - For those good comments I get when i was down. There is even someone (anonymous) who wrote a message saying I'm not a failure and stuck it on my windscreen. Many thanks for all da supporters out there.

Sorry - For being so emoish and childish in my thoughts and actions. I know it's not good to emo in blogs. But I'm a person who can't talk about stuffs when I'm emo-ing. It'll only get worse. But then, I need to express, thus blog has been the victim.

After long consideration, I shall try not to emo in blog anymore. I'm ok now. Ok ady. So, once again T&S to everyone!!

PS: I was so down on monday that I thought of drinking. I can't drink alcohol cause I am not allowed to get drunk. So I came up with this sadistic and brilliant (in dumb sense) idea of getting 6 cans of sprite and downing it at one go on Tuesday night. Just to try the feel of vomitting from drinking.. Yet again, God is merciful. I ended up bringing Adele out to pyramid cause she needs cables.. My brilliant idea wasn't made real. Aargh...

Monday, May 26, 2008

New Movie~!

Well, recently there was this movie called the slit-mouthed woman. It was a horror flick released by some eastern countries.

Now i shall present to you the story of a new movie released in Malaysia - the big mouthed idiot.

Yeah babe, you guessed it right, I'm emo-ing again.

Yeah, I know again that guys like me shouldn't even have the word emo in my dictionary, but then again, I'm sissy~!

So what can you do about it?

Anyway, back to the story

This big mouthed idiot is not a horror flick, but a comedy. It's revolved in the story of an idiot who can't safeguard his own mouth. He was requested not to talk so much, yet he kept talking and talking. He somehow slipped some knowledge that other's shouldn't know. So in the end, he's in deep shit and am dying of loneliness due to lack of trust from people. Furthermore, this big mouthed idiot actually annoyed people due to his idiotic behaviour. This idiot too had a big pride in him that is going to swallow himself up and spit him in the garbage bin.

I know I failed to make it a comedy. Well, what do you expect? I always failed to do stuffs. Haha.
At first I wanted to attach a poster about it, but then again I don't think I'm good enough to edit 1 that is nice enough so. There it goes. This is all i wanted to blog about.

For those whom I've annoyed using my mouth, and for those secrets and gossips that have been leaked out, sorry friends. I know I'm not worth being friends.

PS: I am considering lots of stuffs at this moment. Relationship is tough. Always tough.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Updating Blog

Updates should be plenty once i finish week 12 of my studies. Man, 3 reports + 2 assignments + 1 tutorial. I'm getting insane. I had to practically stay back in uni until 11 pm every night.. This is insanity at its brink. By the way, reason I posted this posts was to announce the change of blog.

My future blogs will be at

So do visit that site. Thanks.

Anyway, for those who actually fell for it, I am at the same time happy and sad. Sad that you believed this small little prank. Happy that you thought I'm rich enough to get a domain. Maybe you can bless me with it. :)

Anyway, I'm not changing site, still this blogspot. The changes are however visually visible, in a sense, everytime you stopped to check, new URLs and links will be there, and perhaps, there might be a game also. So do anticipate.

Enough procrastination, time to get back to work~!

Thursday, May 15, 2008


Ahoy Mates~!

Long time no see~!

Well, it's been quite sometime since i last blogged. My comp's still dead, and once again, I'm blogging from a university computer. The comp's code is MUM-MCL3-12. Well, in this post, there's 4 things I would like to talk and crap about. Yeah, too much for a post, so do leave and come back some other day if you're in a hurry, but do find sometime to read for you'll never regret reading this post~!


First Item I would like to blog about: MEGAMAC Challenge~!

I went to eat MEGAMAC the other day, it's just like eating 2 big macs at the same time. Relatively large, but not as large as Wendy's three-quarter pounder. So I actually gobbled it up without any problem at all. Attached are some of the pictures I've taken to spice up your blogging reading experience.


Second item is I've once again tried the impossible and set a new Victor's World Records~! yeah, I've joined another 6 person in breaking the record. Last time, there were 7 in a kelisa, this time, there were 7 also. Difference is, all 7 are quite meaty this time (if you get my manglish)..

So, once again, some pictures for you to point at and laugh your ass off...


Third post of the day - Mother's Day~!

I've went to see everyone's most recent blog posts, and found out that everyone have blogged about their mother's day. Thus, being a kiasu person in which I really am, I'm gonna post about my mother's day as well. I was ushering in church, and then I went home for a bath, before proceeding to the leader's training. That's how I passed my mother's day. Tsk Tsk Tsk.. Bad boy...

Well, what to expect when your mother's in China enjoying her holidays. So, in the end I prepared a present for her and waited for her to be back before giving her the gift. The present was at first prepared for a girl which is very dear to my heart, who in the end didn't get it due to my second mindedness. But the present still have lots of my effort in it, and I do feel, besides that girl, only my mother deserves having it. I'd rather burn the present I prepared rather than giving it to anyone besides my mom or my wife. So, without further delay, The pictures:

There are 5 styles of heart origami, with 2 different colours. So in all, ten different designs. 300+ in a container, was initially planning to reach 520, but laziness kills. Anyway, the following mug is what my brother got for my mom.

Last but not least, pictures of rare items from China.

My parents brought back lots of weird weird stuffs from China, among them is a purple coloured "Ciku", also known as sapodilla in english. (i got the translation from an online dictionary). ( ) There were also peaches, and also other fruits that my parents brought back. Attached are the pictures. The brown fruit is the Malaysian version of sapodilla, whereas the purple one is the chinese version (is it reflecting why chinese are orange skinned, while malays are brown skinned? Another wonder of the world...)


Till then, tata again~!

(a nice pic taken by my brother...sadly not me..)

Monday, May 5, 2008


Yeah, comp dead now, so can't really blog as often as I usually would. Can't check blogs as well. Hopefully I can get the comp fixed. Till then, I'll just say that I've only 2 missions in May. Mission 1: Get people to Alpha. Mission 2: Eat megamac~!
What's a megamac u say? Wait and anticipate my next post. haha