Sunday, July 5, 2009


First of all, I would like to apologize for leaving this blog unmaintained for almost a month's time. Inspiration has been lacking recently, and crap (I mean meaningless words.. not the physical ones..) that was generated recently was too lame to be published here.. Nevertheless, I've returned with a new post, Lol~!!

For those who are not new to the world of internet and instant messaging systems, LOL will definitely be part of their dictionary. From kids who just started exploring the wonder of short english language words, to older people who are curious about what the youngsters are using in conversation, LOL will somehow or other be one of the basic short forms to learn.

What is LOL? To many, it's a short form used when a joke is given (those who never knew the meaning), but to the short form literate ones, it is Lough Out Loud. However, this blog will uncover a new meaning to LOL - Lack Of Love..

What is Lack of Love? Lacking of love is going to be defined as the situation or condition where a person feels not appreciated enough, or not having enough care in their lives. These people will tend to get emotional over small little things, and usually will cry alone at home..

Such people, is me. I've been in a condition where I feel I lack love.. for many many years..
Where can I get it? Family? Close Friends? Friends? Relatives? Even "girlfriend?" I've tried most of it, except the last one, though I've been so desperate for a girlfriend, I ended up looking like a geek/freak~! But, endless search for love has left me lacking more and more, till a point, I wonder, I was made not to be loved.. I should just live a robot life, where I go to work, earn money, stay alive, get married to pass on my family line, and die. People are just planned to do stuff that way.

I was almost conned into believing that fact till one day, I discovered a love, that is so abundant, that it can totally eliminate this lack that I have. A love, that is so great, but different from any other love in the world. A love that is so unique, yet is common to everyone. The Love of God...

(there shall be part 2...)

PS: Suddenly thought of the LOL = Lack of Love definition... which is why I'm blogging stuffs like this.. i do think a lot when i drive...