Saturday, August 30, 2008

Car Ride

Today I went to Bangsar, but I didn't drive..

Credits to Paul and Denise. They drove me there with Veman for dinner. The entire ride was really fun to me. Maybe cause I've been driving people and myself all the while that I kinda start to miss the feelings of sitting in people's car. I'm not grumbling or complaining, but I'm just thanking God for this chance to experience sitting in a person's car once again, enjoying the sights as the car swerve through the busy streets of KL.

Going back to Bangsar, my memories just came back. Ah.. my kindergarten. How I wish it was still there. Nostalgic feelings just kept coming back to me as I linger around that area, with thoughts of me crying whenever I'm left alone at home, crying when I went to primary 1, crying when other guys bullied me.. Ah.. those were the days.. I do miss my primary school friends and though I've met 2 of them back, I wanna meet everyone once again.

Enough ranting, time to end. Before I stop, shall let you all know where I have my dinner in Bangsar. It's in.......uh......what's it called again........... let me think..............CHILLI'S!!!! Nice. Haha.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Updates.. Yeah, I got a few stuffs to update you guys here.


First and foremost, Olympics has officially ended. For those who don't know, China won the games with 51 gold, followed by USA with 36 gold. But the total medal tally is won by USA with 110 medals, and China with 100 medals. For those who might not be so into sports, you may skip this paragraph. For those sport lovers, here are some facts for you about the Olympic.

1. Michael Phelps won 8 gold medals in swimming. The total gold medals of other swimmers are just 7.

2. It was the first time Mauritius won a medal.

3. China won more gold medals this time than the total medal they have in Athens.

How trustworthy these facts are? Visit this website and you'll know. By the way, surprisingly, in the poll i uploaded, 37% voted that Malaysia will win the Olympics. I never knew that Malaysians are so patriotic. GO MALAYSIA~!


Second update of the day is I've finally made my way to UKM~! Here, I would like to thank Chew Jiun Ru and Rick Sim. And here also, I would like to apologize to Jovina and Isabel. The story is simple. I was supposed to fetch Isabel back. I got rick's help to give directions. Jovina needed me to get her back to get something. So we started our journey from Sunway at 10 pm. Things was smooth at first till we reach UPM. Then we realize we are totally lost. Got Chew's help. We went to Kajang and was lost there. Went to a toll and asked the "kak" there how to get to UKM. She asked us to turn back, but we are rebellious people. We decided to ask our friends and try to find another route. In the end, ended up at the same toll booth and asked the same "kak" again. After a few more attempts, we finally reached UKM, with Isabel being car sick.. Yeah, I drive pretty scary.. In the end, thank God that from different bumpings, we reached home safely.


Third update is plain simple. Alice came back from England so we went for dinner at The Gardens. First time ever I go to The Gardens. It's really a nice place. Went to Zanmai for it's udon. I must say, it is good. I recommend people to try it again. Fried udon. Something like fried Loh Shi Fun.


I know this post is kinda boring as there are lots of words and no photos. Sorry to say, I'm not photogenic. Thus, I don't really prefer taking photos. Thus, this post has become a post without photos. Thus, it is being filled with boring words. Thus, you are reading a boring post with boring words. Thus, you are still reading this because somehow you are. Thus, I will conclude this post with another thus. Thus, I shall wish you a pleasant day, or a good night.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Yesterday was 20082008. Lots of people are grasping this once in a lifetime opportunity to message people they secretly admire. Yeah, what else is a better excuse than this? Simply send a simple sms saying "Did you know today's 20082008?" to initiate a chat with the person you love~!

Anyway, I'm not blogging about that any further, as my topic is 21082008. Today is evidently something new for me. I woke up at 10 am, with heavy raindrops trying to make me fall back to sleep. Nevertheless, I, being a very hardworking student (ahemm), woke up and went to uni. Reached the car park around 10.30. Classes starts at 11. So I've decided to wait on the car for a while as cats and dogs are falling on my car. Half way waiting, it was 10.40 when the rain started to drizzle. Chance is there for me to make a dash to uni~! Suddenly, instinct tells me, 10.45, the rain will stop completely. I am so DEAD. 10.50, the cloud suddenly overpopulated itself and rain fell like there's no tomorrow.

In the end, to cut it short, I used the small umbrella I always keep in my bag, walked to uni, and got wet. Not those kind of wet, but wet. My trousers are soaked from thigh to bottom, with water penetrating through my shoes. Socks was wet as well. Was in uni from 11 am till 9 pm, due to an assignment.

Catch is this, I realized that for a trousers to be dried, it'll take around 7 hours, but the socks, will never dry if you keep it in your shoes. I've ended up understanding why people insists on wearing slippers on rainy days..

Before I end this post, wanna tell you what I did for 20082008. I had 4 packs of MAMEE monster~! 2 green, 2 red. Yeah. I feel that I've accomplished something new. Yeah babe~!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What a Weekend

This weekend marks the restart of EPL, also known as Barclay's Premier League.
This weekend marks the final of the men's singles badminton for the Olympics.
This weekend marks the start of a school break.
This weekend marks the start of 3 different diocesan youth camps throughout Sabah.

Let's start with EPL. For those football lovers, this is your day. But personally, I'm not so keen. I didn't even know anything about this. I'm now just waiting for the restart of NBA season.. lol..

Speaking about badminton, the finals was a clash of titans, between world ranked number 1 Lin Dan and world ranked number 2, national ranked number 1, Lee Chong Wei. Prior to the match, I've seen lots of people wanting to watch the match and see Lee win, but after the trashing he received, lots of people say they are disappointed, and say that it's a waste of time. Makes me think, is it a must for them to win, or are the athletes there to try to win something and glorify Malaysia. Since when has it become a do or die condition for them? For those complaining, why don't YOU try to represent Malaysia to an international event... hmmm

For me, Lee really did try his best at times already. Credits for him for the Silver medal.

School break starts this weekend. Sadly Monash doesnt follow this timetable. So classes as usual.. Haiz... The diocesan youth camps (english, chinese and BM) kicks start soon, and sadly again, i'm not going to any.

Anyway, the highlight of this post is not any of those. Highlight is that I want to promote the blog of a SIAO member of FCC. He is as SIAO as me, thus I must let his presence be known. Without further delay. SIAO guy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chinese Ghost Festival

Every Chinese knows that the Ghost Festival falls on the fourteenth day of the seventh month according to the chinese calender. (Well, if you don't know and you're a Chinese, you're really a pure banana.. no matter if you can write and speak Chinese...)

Ok, assuming that you're a Chinese and you knew about this Ghost Festival thingy, do you know when does it fall in the calender system that we all use today? Believe it or not.. it fell on 8th August 2008~!!! Yeah, the day Olympic was celebrated~!

If you want evidence about it.. I'll give u an evidence.. Cause all the ghost from around the world have gotten together to invade China~!!! There were Westerners (Guai Lou), Blacks ( Haak Guai) and many other nationalities (Meh Guai Du Yao~!). Thus, the Olympic opening was actually a Ghost Festival Celebration....

The end of my lame joke..

PS : No offence to anyone. It's not a racist or nationalisist statement. ( I believe nationalist doesnt mean people who dislike people from different nationals.. so i invented nationalisist). This is purely a lame joke I thought of when I was halfway watching Olympics. It was really great. Credits to the ideas~! And for your information, Ghost Festival is on 14th August.. and I don't celebrate it.. lol... Another thing is, in Chinese language, only Chinese are known as human.. others are all ghosts.. Guai Lou refers to westerners.. translated as ghost guy.. Haak Guai means black ghost.. and Meh Guai Du Yao practically means what ghost also got~!

Yeah, I've crapped enough.. oh ya.. finally gotten a webcam.. Muahahaha,...

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Recipe

For those who know me, you might think I'm a person who can't cook. A rich lad lying at home all day waiting for the maid or chef to serve dinner. You are so wrong my friends. I shall prove to you that I can cook, and in fact, I'm creative when it comes to cooking. How you might ask? Easy, by sharing to you a new recipe in which I thought of on my own. Beware for the...

1. Go to supermarket or any minimarket nearby.
2. Buy yourself a pack of indomie and a pack of Sedaap. (i wanted to provide you with illustrations, but sadly yahoo image search yield zero results of what i want. Anyway, da indomie is brown in color, in terms of its packing, is dry instant noodle. Same goes to Sedaap. Also dry instant noodle, but white packing).
3. Take a pot and fill it half with water.
4. Boil the water.
5. Throw both packs of noodles inside. (Remember to open the packaging and get the noodle inside, not the whole pack itself.. )
6. Cook till it looks more like noodles than MAMEE.. (by the way, the Sedaap noodle is more yellowish compared to the indomie.. i wonder does that mean it is more harmful?)
7. Once done, take the noodle out (without the water) and then put it on a plate. (duh..)
8. Open the seasonings and mix them well together.
9. Shove it down your throat.
I know some of you might be speechless. Even ignoring this blog post. But I'm gonna tell you, it's really a great combination. You're getting the best from both worlds~! The dark soy sauce and the seasoning powder from indomie really does beat the Sedaap ones, but the fried onion bits of Sedaap is irresistable. With this combination, not only you get the fried onion bits, for some reason, the combined sauce and powder made a fairly new and rather more tempting taste~! So don't miss out. Try it!
1. I had this for dinner. Yeah, i had 2 packs. I'm a big eater. Yay....
2. I did prove i can cook. Even instant noodles also counted.
3. I dunno if this combination is poisonous or not. Try at your own risks. Currently after 6 hours, I'm still fairly ok.

Monday, August 4, 2008


Passion Concert. I believe lots will be blogging about them. For me, they're just ok. Chris Tomlin don't really rock. The person who shared about word didnt really rock. Heck, the entire thing didn't rock except for 1 person. Nope, he's not one of the musicians, nor is he one of the helpers. Yeah, God rocked last night.

I entered that place with anticipation of something grand. Something big. It was grand. It was big. Am I happy? Not really. I was among the great crowd there, trying to sing songs of praise, but to no avail. My throat failed me terribly (I can't sing cause my throat's sick). It was so dreadful that at one point, I started to ponder on the same question I've pondered numerous time. Am I supposed to be in worship team? Why do I have this urge of joining?

I couldn't keep myself from pondering, and in the end, out of anger towards God, I rebelled. So I remained a silent worshipper (in a sense, I sing in heart, not with my mouth). The event continued to a prayer of 3. First experience to me. I was trying to buy their idea until when I was supposed to be praying for revival, I wandered to pray for my dilemma. Later on the day, I can't stand it. I was touched by God. I've experienced a brand new revival. Really wanna give praise and thank God for that.