Thursday, February 26, 2009


Lent season is back!!!

For those not knowing what is lent, I will once again obtain wikipedia's help..

"Lent, in some Christian denominations, is the forty-day-long liturgical season of fasting and prayer before Easter.[1] The forty days represent the time Jesus spent in the desert, where according to the Bible he endured temptation by Satan."

taken from here.

Thus, this lent season, I'm gonna fast as well.. but I'm not gonna reveal what I'm fasting here.. if you wanna know, ask me in person.. haha... and oh.. fasting doesn't mean skipping meals only.. you can fast whatever you want.. movie ka.. tv programme ka.. even msn!!!

I did have the thought of fast blogging or fast msn.. but.. I will keep it as a thought only... haha..

And I started my lent season by enduring pain... real pain.. I went to the dentist.. (I'm ok with dentist.. and I don't usually find that mending my teeth will be painful...)

I did a scaling at the dentist.. and for the first time in my life, when she actually cut my gum.. (which resulted in bleeding of course)... tears dropped.. while I was being attended to... Pain was up to that point... Now.. I can't eat lots of food due to the pain I'm feeling..

So I guess it's a good experience, getting scaling on the first day of lent.. as.. after getting it.. I don't feel like eating at all.. :)

PS: I need to learn grammar and structures again.. my sentences are in a mess.. or should I learn how to organize my thoughts again.. Sienneska... Oh.. I updated my tag blog again.. courtesy of Rick Sim.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


For those who hates emo posts, or are expecting a rather joyous post, skip this blog post.

I'm not gonna blog about what's happening with me or what's the thing that is making me act exactly like a spoilt rebellious brat in church during an important Harvest Weekend..

I'm just gonna say thanks to those who are concerned, but seriously, I don't deserve the concern. Save it for someone who deserves it.

Secondly, sorry if I directly, or indirectly annoyed anyone. A public apology to both Pastor Khee Vun and Jon Tse.. sorry for showing a bad example and ruining the first impression for some people during a Harvest Weekend... and sorry for not being hyped though Jon really did a great job. Seriously speaking, he is talented and very good. Better than most of the local artiste..

That's all about my blog post.

Don't ask as I wont tell. If i want to tell, you won't have to ask and you'll still know.

Don't advice, as I have heard tonnes and I know how to give as well. So.. save your time..

Don't encourage, cause if it'll help, it should have taken effect long long time ago...

Do rebuke aka scold. Reason? I don't know... perhaps I deserve it?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Warning.. Long Post...

Ok.. this is going to be a lengthy post, as I am going to cramp lots of stuff in here. If you think you are lazy and am proud to admit that you are lazy.. this is a gist of what is being contained in this post.

1. Origin of Valentine's.
2. Conclusion of Industrial Training.
3. God's Blessing.

Pre post PS: Updated my tag blog again... click on da link on the right if you are interested in it...
and.. it's... NBA ALL STAR WEEKEND~!!!!!

1. Origin of Valentines..

On one sunny morning, when I was supposed to be concentrating on my journey to work.. I did some stupid thinking again... and out of nowhere, a question popped up.. What is Valentine's? Certainly, being a smartass, I thought that it was about a romantic guy in the past called Valentino.. and to remember him and his romantic personality, we have Valentine's day. Thus, I went around greeting people Happy Valentino's Memorial Day.. (so so wrong...).. If you are having the exact same thoughts that I have, you are also so so wrong...

Actualy origin of Valentine's day, according to Wikipedia, is as follows:

Numerous early Christian martyrs were named Valentine.[4] Until 1969, the Catholic Church formally recognized eleven Valentine's Days. The Valentines honored on February 14 are Valentine of Rome (Valentinus presb. m. Romae) and Valentine of Terni (Valentinus ep. Interamnensis m. Romae).

For more info...

Thus.. it is somewhat another celebration similar to Christmas, where it is supposed to be a Christian celebration, but somehow, was twisted into a rather non Christian celebration!!! (if the wiki is correct..) Quite an eye opener for me though... thus, what better way to celebrate Valentine's day than by attending church? And you are lucky, I just happen to know a church that is having a talk for Valentine's...

2. Conclusion of Industrial Training

Yeah, I know the first was very long already... well I just wanted to take a chance to utilize my blog to thank BlueScope Steel (Malaysia) for having me as an intern. The company rocks my sox~! The hospitality there is good, the safety there is good, the senior engineers there are great~! I actually enjoyed the training so much that I kinda feel sad when I had to leave the company..

3. The Lord blesses his servants..

I am blessed in every little parts of my life.. Seriously, from my trip back to Tawau until now.. The Lord blesses. I am blessed with a nice night view of Tawau the night I came back to KL.. Am blessed with a willing brother who fetched me, blessed with friends who made me not feel homesick.. blessed with finance to finally get the Gundams I wanted.. blessed me with a great company.. blessings just keeps flowing though I have been a bad bad boy.. Thanks God~!

PS: That's it... More to come.. Seriously..

Friday, February 13, 2009


As promised.. here are the pictures...

For those wondering, it's a Gundam that I have longed for.. I wanted 4.. and that's the first of four... haha...

Sorry if I have made you thought that I'm in a relationship.... grats if you have guessed that it's a thing and not a person..

PS: In future.. I won't play on this kind of thing anymore.. I promise the next post of the same kind will really be for my future gf.. hehe...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


PS: Gonna post da pic real soon.. really soon.... but I gotta post something about me here first...

Not PS:

Recently, i don't know if I'm growing, or is it I'm becoming a terrible person. I get angry at small matters, and sometimes I'm so angry and frustrated, I not only curse but I throw stuffs around.. Is this a sign of me growing up?? (monkeys naturally grow to become more aggressive..) Or is this a sign that I'm losing control over myself??

PS: Think before you comment...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Pictures Coming Soon

I've taken the picture.. but I have to find a way to transfer them to my comp before I can upload the pretty picture.. meanwhile.. my tag blog has been updated... here

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Finally, I've Got YOU!!!!

I was mesmerized the first time I see you
I was instantly attracted by your radiant eyes
Eventhough we exists in two different worlds
Still, reality cannot stop me from having you

Conditions have kept me from approaching you
Though my feelings drove me the other way
Seconds, minutes, hours, days, years have passed me by
Yet, I still never gave up waiting for that one moment

In a blink of an eye, two suffering years have passed
Every ticking second, our chances to be together dimmed
But, the Lord has been gracious with us
Finally, I've Got YOU!!!!

PS: I'll post our picture soon... So, please be patient...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

1.31 AM

What do I have to blog at this hour? Nothing much but this pic...

Yeah.. tried accessing it but failed.. Prob existed with my browser or comp only.. quite a random happening, once in a blue moon I see this kind of response.. thus I have thought of blogging about it....

PS: I had a double update.. check da post underneath...

CNY 2009

In the previous post.. I had set for myself goals to achieve while I was back... Thus, in this post.. I shall be reporting of my success rate.. Sadly speaking.. i barely achieve any of it.. Let's have a look at the tasks 1 by 1..

1. I only had 15 wotieks as most of the stalls are not open until Thursday... thus, I failed to achieve both easy target and hard target..

2. Angpau money is not a lot this year, as I ended up at home most of the time.. thus.. I failed again to achieve both easy and hard target..

3. I'm lazy to count, but I believe there's around 40+ angpau only.. making me failing again to reach any goals...

4. I met around 80% of relatives... Thus I have gained my first easy target accomplishment..

5. Let's see... I met and bumped into around 30+ seldom contact peoples.. so I got my second easy target accomplishment..

6. I got my third easy target accomplishment as I was in church for the CNY service..

7. Yamcha-ed at Da Hua 3, Taman Emas.. and.. more??? Dang..... 0 targets reached...

8. No one plays trump in tawau~!! Another big failure..

9. Played basketball for once at Sabah Chinese, while da others were busy having their FCC vs SPC football match... oh yeah.. another easy accomplishment

10. Only met 1 a levels friend.. oh my..

11. I did small portions of dishes on three days.. haha

12. Failed to read daily...

13. only obtained 1 msn contact...

14. Drove on one of da days~!

15. Ate nasi lemak on my trip back to tawau.. man.. it changed.. not as good as last time.. which explains why I didn't have it on my trip to KL..

There you have it.. 0 hard accomplishments.. and 7 out of 15 easy targets achieved... This trip I got quite a lot of rest at home... though I do have quite a great time going out with the Secondary School mates as well as FCC-ians.. wahaha.. you guys rocks~!

PS: Played lots of Big 2 though.. haha