Thursday, July 17, 2008

Browser Based Online Games

I believe that there are times when you are online and you are just bored, having nothing to do, and nothing to surf. There are also times when you wanted to play games, but you just don't know what to play. So I am going to promote some sites that I have been frequenting so that we all get the benefits of these sites.

First and foremost, Addicting Games. This site has a tricky name, plus it updates new games on the site very frequently. However, the games sucks most of the time, as they are made by amateur game programmers. This site will be suitable if you are wanting something simple and fast loading games. As for me, I would rank it 2/5.

Next on the list, Finger Time. The games offered are not just about speed of typing or accuracy of your typing skills, minds are also needed to attempt playing most of the games offered here. The site have developed fairly well over the years. Games offered here are little compared to the rest, but you won't feel childish playing any of them. Sudoku which is offered in this site is highly recommended. My opinion, 3/5.

Up next, a rather more interactive website, Kongregate. Credits are given to this gamer for introducing me to this site. Well, this site offers games that are both fun and exciting. Furthermore, if you register an account in this site, there are challenges and badges for you to collect and accomplish. Only thing is, it is seasonal. One of the best games offered is a card game called Kongai, which is recommended from me, as it requires a little bit of prediction skills on what other gamers' next step might be. I'd give this site 4.5/5.

Not forgetting the legendary Miniclip. This site has been around for ages and can be said the most well known online browser based collection website. Almost everyone knows of this site. Lots of quality games. If you are a hardcore soccer fan, play power soccer that is offered here. I did a review and attached a video not so long ago on that game, and trust me, it's GOOD~! This site deserves a 4/5 from me.

Mo Fun Zone, if translated from Chinese means, No Fun Zone. But the site is different from what its chinese translation means. This site offers good games that can be completed easily. One of the recommended games here are the ones linking to Tactics Arena Online, another online game. Chess freaks will love it. Only bad thing about this game is the player have to pay to enjoy benefits. Overall rating, 3/5.

Prepare to get more mouses as Mouse Breaker is next on the list~! Well, relative to its name, I bet the idea is there in your head that the site offers games that only use mouse. Yes, you are clever. This site offers games that are both fun and great. However, the tendency of updating games to this site is also relatively low, but the games there should occupy quite a number of your time. For instance, the EPL Manager 2008. A great managing game that can get you glued to your seat. An easy 3/5 from me.
Last but not least, Y8. Why 8? I really have no idea. Yet this site has the most comprehensive collection of online browser based games. From dull and boring dressup games, to rare and uniquely fun games. This site is definitely for you if you have 24 hours to spare waiting for something to happen. I shall give this site a 2/5 as the loading speed is comparatively slower than the rest.

So that should wrap up the entire coverage of sites I do visit nowadays. Till then, tata.

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LOL why you always write your blog "report style"!

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