Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day

Lots can be said here
Lots can be told here.

My Dad and I, are not as close as any of you imagine, due to the Chinese blood flowing in us.

I still remember, the first time my Dad said I love you was in February, if I'm not mistaken. Was from a message. Simple SMS which shocked me. I was sentimental.

Yet thinking back, I did not spend lots of time with him. Not just him, my entire family. I have been occupied with uni and church ministries that I dun spend time with him. So how? I really wonder. I really want to be a good boy and spend more time at home.

So what's my father's day gift? Will take a pic and post it here soon. Yet, it'll not be as great as the gift I gave my mom. But I said something to him that I've never said to lots of people before. On father's day, i breakthrough. For the first time, I've said I love you to my dad.

Love ya dad cause you're the greatest~!

Thanks is just a small star compared to the galaxy of love you've shown me. Thanks is all I can do now.

I really am considering of letting a few ministries go so I can spend more time with family..
Another sign of aging?

I really wonder

PS: This post is not in complete sentences, reason? Laziness kills.. lol

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